Getting Lean vs. Maintaining Strength

Hello. My goal within the next couple of months in to get lean (lose
about 6-8% body fat) while at the same time either maintaining or
increasing my strength and power. I know these are conflicting goals,
but I’m trying to figure out ways to resolve them. I’m a big fan of John
Berardi and his ideas (John if your reading this you’re one smart guy),
and I’ve read about how to use cardio to get lean while weight training.
Here’s the problem with me-when I do moderate intensity cardio I get
slower, even with low rep weight training. My power output goes down by
a fair amount. So I was thinking a way around this would be instead of
doing moderate cardio, doing high intensity cardio instead (ex. 100m
sprints, full speed stadium stairs, sprint circuits, etc.). This would be
done at similar times that John Berardi mentioned in his Appetite for
Construction article for when to use moderate cardio. What does anyone
think of this idea? Will it work or will it be more detrimental to both my
goals? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

i’ve found a lot of the same things you have with the lower intensity cardio when cutting…less power (not good). high intensity training (sprints/anaerobic intervals of less than 30s.) are probably the answer. last summer, while cutting, i used this method instead of longer cardio sessions and i definitely kept more power…also, i felt a lot better after the sessions and got pretty cut in the process. it’s worth a try!