Get Swole or Die Mirin'

[quote]phlegms wrote:
Dat feeelll…when I surpass you in cleans. Hope you don’t mind me breathing down your neck brah’


Not at all - I look forward to the competition.

Monday, 14th November, 2011
Squat Intensification, 5s wave

  1. Hang Power Snatch
    20kg x 3
    30kg x 3
    40kg x 2
    50kg x 2 x 1
    60kg x 2 x 1 - PR

  2. Squats
    110kg x 2
    120kg x 2
    130kg x 4 x 5

  3. Leg Press
    200kg x 12
    220kg x 12
    240kg x 12
    260kg x 2 x 12

  4. Dip Bar Leg Raise
    Bw x 3 x 10

Snatch feels like it’s coming along, really tried to force the hips through today, getting there, but my form is still pretty poor, have a video of the 60kg hang power snatch and a depth check on the squats to come, I really need to work on staying upright in the hole, hopefully some weightlifting shoes will help out there somewhat. Actually got some decent quad activation on the leg press, which is a big deal because I normally struggle with it. Good day overall.

Leg press? So how far out from your bodybuilding comp are you then brah’ ?


[quote]phlegms wrote:
Leg press? So how far out from your bodybuilding comp are you then brah’ ?


Don’t hate on the leg press, it’s an invaluable training tool bro.

Wednesday, 16th November, 2011
Overhead Press Intensification, 5s wave.

  1. Rack Jerks
    20kg x 2 x 2
    40kg x 2
    60kg x 2
    70kg x 2
    80kg x 2 x 2

  2. Overhead Press
    52.5kg x 2
    57.5kg x 2
    -belt on-
    62.5kg x 3 x 5
    -wraps on-
    62.5kg x 1 x 10 (+5) - PR

  3. Overhead Press - max reps/60s rest
    40kg x 1 x 21
    40kg x 1 x 12
    Total reps @ 40kg - 33

4a) Pendlay Row (hook grip)
80kg x 12
85kg x 12
90kg x 12
100kg x 12 - PR

4b)Bent over laterals
10kg 'bells x 4 x 15

  1. Barbell shrug
    225kg x 4 x 10 - PR

  2. DB hammer curl
    27.5kg 'bells x 3 x 12
    30kg 'bells x 8 - PR

Great session today, PR’s everywhere, upped my working max to 80kg for OHP, glad to see hat there’s still some headroom there too. Tried Pendlay rows out for the first time, definitely a keeper. Still working on my jerk technique, not taking it very close to a max, just trying to nail it, won’t test that for a while, I’m really just using it as a kind of dynamic warm up lift right now.

Friday, 18th November, 2011
Sumo Deadlift Accumulation - 5’s wave

  1. Box Jumps
    32" Box x 5 x 2

  2. Sumo Deadlift
    165kg x 2 - no belt, hooked grip (hook grip PR)
    -belt and mixed grip-
    185kg x 2
    197.5kg x 4 x 5 - Definitely a volume PR for sumo, not sure if it is overall, but it’s damn close

  3. Lying Leg Curl

Lvl 8 x 20
Lvl 10 x 15
Lvl 12 x 12
Lvl 13 x 10
Lvl 14 x 8
Drop set:
Lvl 14 x 6, Lvl 12 x 6, Lvl 10 x 6, Lvl 8 x 6

  1. Ab Wheel
    Bw x 3 x 10

Those deadlifts were tough, not exactly sure why, could be the lack of a deadlift bar - seems to affect my grip, resorted to some slight hitching for the last set, really didn’t think I was gonna get it, next week will be tough too, but I trained after being up for 2-3hrs with no food in me, so I might be good for next week. I have videos of sets #1 and #4 to come.

Good to see hook grip getting some love, hook grip maketh the man.

[quote]phlegms wrote:
Good to see hook grip getting some love, hook grip maketh the man. [/quote]

The plan is to use it full-time once I get it up to my mixed grip, feels much better overall.

Deadlifts from Friday need to be uploaded still, but I’ll put them in here tonight

Sunday, 20th November, 2011
Bench Press Realisation, 5’s wave

  1. Chest Pass Ball Throw
    6kg x 6 x 2

  2. Bench Press
    70kg x 5
    85kg x 3
    -wrist wraps on-
    100kg x 2
    107.5kg x 1
    115kg x 1
    -belt on-
    120kg x 5 - PR
    -belt and wraps off-
    70kg x 25 - PR

3a) Wide Grip Chins
Bw + 21.25kg x 2 x 8 - was PR before my third set
Bw + 21.25kg x 1 x 9 - PR

3b) Band Face Pulls
Mini band x 3 x 12

  1. Dumbbell Laterals
    22.5kg 'bells x 4 x 10 - PR

  2. One Arm Dumbbell Shrug w/5 count
    50kg x 3 x 15 each side

  3. Rope Pushdowns
    120lbs x 3 x 15

Top bench set:

Had a great day today, PR’s everywhere, bench went up really easily, may have had one more but didn’t want to risk it, I’ll leave my working max as it is for the moment. Not much else to say, everything’s going up so I’ll probably just keep doing what I’m doing.

Bench looked like cake brah’.

[quote]phlegms wrote:
Bench looked like cake brah’. [/quote]

Thanks, felt surprisingly easy, I’ll probably leave my max as is though, I’m cutting it a bit fine.

Monday, 21st November, 2011
Squat Realisation - 5’s wave

  1. Power Snatch
    40kg x 2 x 2 - hang
    50kg x 2 x 2
    60kg x 2 x 1
    70kg x 1 x 1
    75kg x 1 x 1 - PR
    77.5kg x 1 x 0 - pretty spectacular fail, I have the video but my camera never focused so it’s fuzzy.

  2. Squat
    85kg x 5
    100kg x 3
    117.4 kg x 2
    -belt on-
    125kg x 1
    135kg x 1
    142.5kg x 8 (+3) - PR

  3. Front Squat
    40kg x 6 - paused
    60kg x 6 - paused
    80kg x 5 x 6 - just trying to get used to using a clean grip and squatting in shoes

  4. Knees to Elbows
    Bw x 4 x 12

I have videos of my 75kg power snatch and 142.5x8 squat that I’ll post up in a minute, good session overall. My friend let me borrow his Adidas Ironwork III’s, and they make a huge difference.

Couple of things I noticed with the power snatch:
-Your hips start way too high
-Because of the above you lead the pull with your arse instead of your chest
-Decent triple extension
-Cant see the top half of you, but really make a conscious effort to shrug the bar up once you get it to hip level

Awesome squatting!

Wednesday, 23rd November, 2011
Overhead Press Realisation - 5’s Wave

  1. Clean and Jerk
    40kg x 3 - hang
    60kg x 3 - hang
    70kg x 3
    80kg x 1
    90kg x 1
    95kg x 1
    100kg x 1 - PR! Never putting 100kg over my head has bothered me for a long time. It did have some pressout on it though.
    105kg x 1 power clean - PR.

  2. Overhead Press
    40kg x 5
    47.5kg x 3
    55kg x 2
    60kg x 1
    65kg x 1
    -belt and wrist wraps on-
    67.5kg x 6 (+1) - PR, I think.

3a) Pendlay Rows (hook grip)
105kg x 4 x 8 - PR

3b) Bent Over Laterals
10kg 'bells x 4 x 15

  1. Shrugs
    225kg x 4 x 10

  2. Hammer Curl
    30kg 'bells x 4 x 8 - PR

Really happy with how today went overall, glad to finally be able to put that 100kg up, one way or the other, the shoes made a big difference but my clean form still needs a lot of work. Also happy with how pressing and assistance went. Videos will be up later.

Just about hitting a bodyweight clean so.


[quote]phlegms wrote:
Just about hitting a bodyweight clean so.



Videos from Wednesday

Friday, 26th November, 2011
Deadlift Realisation - 5’s wave

  1. Box Jumps - 32" Box
    Bw x 5 x 2

  2. Sumo Deadlift
    127.5kg x 5
    152.5kg x 3
    -belt on-
    177.5kg x 2 - flew up, knew I was good for today’s reps here
    192.5kg x 1
    205kg x 1
    217.5kg x 5 - Huge all time PR, really happy with this

  3. Leg Curl
    Pin 8 x 20
    Pin 10 x 15
    Pin 12 x 12
    Pin 13 x 10
    Pin 14 x 8
    Drop set:
    Pin 14, 12, 10, 8 all for 6 reps each

  4. Knees to elbows
    Bw x 4 x 12

Couldn’t be happier happier with how that went, not much else to say about it really.

Video of the pulls:

Among the ugliest Jerks I’ve ever seen…

At least you have a nice and pretty looking deadlift though!