Gang O Babes Article

Well, I read it, and I read what the reviewers so far think. I’m gonna say It was refreshing to hear a chicks point of view. I’m also gonna say that I already knew most of that stuff already. I’m also gonna say I have no idea what I’d want to hear from females other than about sex. Having said that, I’m really looking forward to your second of 2 columns in which you even the score, and talk about what you can do to make men happy.

You know, its funny how it's always men who are put up against this whole "men don't know shit and men don't know how to treat us right" bullshit. Now, don't get me wrong ladies, I applaud you for your work, and I'm not talking directly about you, but in society today, it seems like it the cool thing to play on the mans "theme" of being "a man". Women get away with stupid shit. They themselves pose a double edged sword. I'm going to sleep the other night, and Oprah comes on as I'm flipping the channel. (Oprah is hot . lol) The freakin audience is composed of hungry, rabid, man hating women, like a fuckin mean woman hitler type rally. They have a therapist guy, Doctor Phil- who is very helpful, explaining why if women want us to stay into them, they should keep giving attention, and men have to do the same. All the fat digusting fembots ge up their and attck the fuckin guy cause he said women should give attention to the guy, as well as the other way around. Jeezus! Its way to much to put up here, and it should start a whole new topic for this crap- cause it dosen't have anything to do with this thread anymore, but its really out of control. Wel, back to topic, Good job ladies. The article entertained me, but I'm looking forward to your second and last article.