Gamma Treatment?

Anyone now where you get the gamma radiation treatment that turns you into Lou Ferigno when you get really motivated? I have been asking around but no one knows. I would like to avoid the green skin though. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about good ol’ Bruce Banner, but I’ve been trying to radiate spiders so i can get Peter Parker/Spiderman’s strength of 10 men, cling to walls, spidey sense, etc… powers. Unfortunately, all the spiders die from radiation poisoning.

I would do some preliminary research on abstracts by Dr. Bruce Banner. He was a pioneer in the field of Gamma radiation research, and worked at the U.S. Defense Department nuclear testing facility in New Mexico. Remember, however, that Gamma radiation is unpredictable, and affects everyone differently. In your search for a mesomorphic physique, you may end up with an elongated melon and a desire to conquer the world. Honestly, I’m surprised that T-Mag hasn’t done more research into Gamma. Could make MAG-10 look like HMB.

God help me, I get who DD is referring to.

Though honestly I want to expose my girlfriend to G-rays. That She-hulk would be one fine mountain to climb!

The green skin was a side effect of the 70’s gamma radiation combined with heavy dosages of GH & Dianabol. You can avoid the green skin by just sticking with GH & Dianabol. For those lagging body parts, simply inject synthol

Yeah, I know. I’m a F#$@!%* geek. But I play a mean game of Trivial Pursuit. LOL.

I began my research at the archives of Marvel abstracts online and found an interesting lead, “Supervising the trial of an experimental gamma bomb for the U.S. Defense Department at a nuclear research facility in New Mexico, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner selflessly rushed to the rescue of an ignorant teenager who had wandered onto the testing field as the countdown ticked inexorably toward zero. After shoving young Rick Jones to safety in a nearby ditch, Banner was struck full-force by the bomb blast. He survived, but was irradiated by the deadly gamma energy.” Was this “ignorant” teenager, ignorant or discovering some new break-through in the supplement technology. Perhaps this “Rick Jones” holds the key to the ultimate MAG-10 booster! Perhaps Rick Jones still lives in New Mexico and should be found and put on the T-Staff research team! Perhaps Banner stole the poor guys only chance at at a 400lbs bench!

its the gamma xrays, in the incredible hulk show, banner takes a dose in excess of 2 mllion units

You guys are funnier than hell!

Perhaps a cyclo-sublingal delivery of a solid form of the gamma could produce longer lasting results.

OK, Bill and I have been working on this for
awhile and we are set to launch the Biotest
Home Irradiator Kit pretty soon. Be careful,
only irradiate yourself for 4 weeks at a time
without taking 4 weeks off and do NOT use this
near your yarbles or it will cause testicular


So, when should I expect a check? LOL. I’m taking credit for this one. Unless it flops, in which case it was all your idea. Hope it doesn’t make my jeans turn purple and stunt my vocabulary. DEMO SMASH!!!