Full Body Strength Circuit

Hi Coach

I’m setting up a training cycle to regain the athleticism I have lost - a slight variation of some of your programs - what do you think - (I am 2A)

I love your built for battle and strength skill circuit methods. Sometimes the 6 days of lifting is too much (combined with other training sessions I do)

Would a Mon / Wed / Fri / sat set up

With M W F being strength circuits 5-4-3-2-1 or straight sets of 3 at 75% (alternating workouts or doing the 2nd option when feeling fatigued)

And the Saturday being a full body assistance day with isolation and machine movements to bring up weaknesses.

Optional extras to add on is I recover well would be

  • carries/prowler OR limited isolation work OR limited ring work.

Once I feel like I recovered strength and power I’d keep the same split but move onto a HIT style of training to focus on muscle.

Thank you for all your advice coach