Frozen Dinners

OK I confess,sometimes when I can’t stand to look at another can of tuna or piece of chicken,I’ll eat frozen dinners.I hate to cook, and have been working as late as 8pm lately so when I get home I’ll pull out a Healthy Choice or Lean Cusine and zap it. I don’t eat fast food,and eat well during the day MRP,tuna and chicken. So I was wondering if any of you people do this,and what suggestions you have as to an OK tasting ,moderately low carb, hopefully some protein dinner. I find Lean Cusine Beef Portabello to be decent. Need your input I’m tired of reading boxes. (yes I’m ready to dodge the flames):slight_smile:

I bought these ‘low fat’ frozen burritos at Costco that weren’t bad…high in protein, but carbs also. Only about 300 cals. Doused in salsa they are a hell of alot better than those frozen dinners.

If you can put up with cooking occasionally, try this: Buy those ‘tv dinner’ rubbermaid containers (you can find them in the dollar store sometimes) Then make a lot of food and divide it up; putting full meals in the freezer. They are perfict for when I don’t feel like cooking, and that way I’m sure they’re what I ‘should’ be eating.

For me what I do is on Sundays I will cook all my meals for the week, and put them in tupperware. This allows me to have to clean up the kitchen just ONCE and also allows me to buy in bulk, and cook in bulk, then divide up the portions. It is also very helpful because with my martial arts classes I usually get home after 7 and that way when I am changing I can just throw one in the nuke. So put it this way…I always do frozen dinners…but they are frozen dinners of my design!

Occationally I’ll eat a frozen Mac&Cheese. The brand I use is 420cals/20g protein but I always add a 40g whey shake. Pasta is supposed to be med-GI so I don’t worry too much.

Thanks everyone, I guess I’m the only one that eats that stuff. Maclar, when I go to Costco I buy a big bag of already cooked shrimp and some cocktail sauce (its low carb) and have at it-yummmm

As silly as it may sound you could be on to something. If your frozen dinner addiction is a post workout thing, it aint that bad! For example: You want…no scratch that, NEED some decent carbs after you work out, this is a given.(Unless you are doing the keto diet in which case ignore me like a used car salesman)If you are trying to simply put on a bit of muscle, there is nothing wrong with a stouffer’s lean cuisine pizza post workout, and tossing a bit of meat on the side. By itself you are looking at 300 calories and approx 35 grams of carbs, 12 grams of protien. Not too bad anyway you slice it…

A Girl, my wife used to get the Healthy Choice Pepperoni pizzas. She would add lean ham or extra lean pepperoni to it, though, and create a tasty, moderate carb dinner that had plenty of protein. She really likes it! Of course, the white flour in the crust is fairly worthless, but she made it healthier than it was originally!