For Combat Athlete & T-Mag

Combat Athlete - who are you? Must know. You are extremely well versed on training and supplementation. T-Mag, it will behoove you to get on the bandwagon and secure this guy before someone else does.

I had been following his thread for a while and have found it extremely informative. Fighting is the ultimate sport, it’s what all those other sports want to be but the wusses add so many damn rules! :] A t-magger should have the knowledge, the technology and the growing ability to kick some ass (when warranted of course). Props and test. prop. to anyone who futhers our cause.

hear! hear!! I’m a fighter myself, struggling to increase functional strength and conditioning and have found CombatAthletes info extremely helpful.

I also noticed that, in a previous Q & A article at t-mag, a “G Metzger” wrote in with a Q. Is this THE Guy Metzger?! Perhaps he’s CombatAthlete?!!

I agree. There are some very highly informed people who post on this forum. Guys like Irondoc, BoogaBrain, and Combat Athlete. I would love to read some articles by these guys. They always have very interesting things to say and they are very humorous also.