Flame Free Confession III: Even More Flame Free (Part 2)

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Lord what have I done?!?



So we’re stuck with the title?

Looks like you’ve been imortalized, @dagill2

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What’s the protocol here, do we just continue the convo?

Anyway @Pinkylifting:

First graph shows abnormalities in an MRI scan in asymptomatic patients.

Patient age in years
Disc degeneration
signalling loss
disc bulge
disc prolapse
height loss of discs
degeneration in facets

Divided by age groups. Percentages are people with abnormalities in those categories but no pain.

Basically, as long as you don’t have any nerve damage (loss of sensation, motor control, incontinence) never go under an MRI for your back pain.


I very much enjoy the fact that the post to end the previous thread, forever immortalised as such, was:

Which without context is delightfully whimsical.


New discussion as per the old thread. Old discussions may contain aslong as they contain flaming. It’s in the constitution of the Internet


This title feels like either a prog song or a Naked Gun movie



Oldest boys starting too look good from the back…

Except for that hair cut! Yes I’m still having issues with it! Its my father’s prerogative.


What is this trend of dudes at the gym trying to stay skinny instead of building muscle?
It’s almost as if gender roles at the gym have reversed. Women are trying to build more muscle and guys are attempting to keep walking around on toothpick legs with noodle arms in a quest for “abs”.


I see this everywhere, not only the gym. That said, I remember all the way back to MySpace where guys who would get blown over in a slight breeze would post topless photos so it has been a long while coming.


It’s been going on for awhile… I have always speculated its so they can look good posting on social media. Being lean in picture can give the illusion that one is bigger than they really are. Especially if there is no sense on scale.

That makes sense. My generation and below increasingly seem to be chasing likes and virtual validation for some reason (technology’s nasty addictive properties but that’s a separate topic and not appropriate for flame free).

I know we are supposed to refrain from judgement, but I judge harshly. A male’s girlfriend should not be able to squat/deadlift more than him.



mike drop



Your woman is a big bencher?

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I conveniently left my bench out because it is pretty pathetic for my weight level. Can still out-bench my woman though.

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Well…maybe your generation. I’m a old-school asshole.

Yeah I’ve given up trying figuring it out. Outside of guys planning on competing on stage… the notion of only looking strong never hit a cord with myself.


Something I’m interested in researching is why some ppl seem resistant to the algorithms

I agree. If a guy isn’t stronger than me, he’s objectively weak. Although, the bar is high for the partners of some of the up and coming powerlifting women

Flame free of course but interesting topic!

That would be subjectively weak unless you are the new measurement of strength, haha.

I don’t know, the specific skill of powerlifting isn’t a clear indicator for physical strength per se. As always, I’d argue that strength is specific. If some dude/ girl pulls a sumo deadlift with arms so long that he/ she locks out at the knees, that’s not going to cut it for me.

Furthermore I think strength sports are a hobby. Yes they can mean a shit ton to you, as they do to me. Still you don’t get more manly by being good at lifting heavy objects. Some guys might be more into running or riding a bike or whatever. Doesn’t mean they’re less of a man. If those guy’s girlfriends lifted weights seriously, the chances of them out lifting their SO would be pretty high.

I think the constructs of ‘classic’ masculinity/ femininity are outdated and bullshit in the first place.

Yes, I am a beta leftist dirty liberal feminazi communist swine.

Nope, I’m not saying that because I feel a need to defend myself. I am built like a bear.


good point, but the point still stands. If a grown man cannot outlift a 5ft female who weighs less than 47kg, he’s weak

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I guess a title change is in order then. “Keep Knittin 'till It Works Again”.


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