Fish Oil supps bad for heart

Welp. Guess I’ll flush my flameout. Lol. J/K. The media is all over this. Curious to know who funded this study. Who hates fish oil.

I always return to this article.

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Article here

I couldn’t see anything speaking to conflicts of interest, only that a 3rd party ethics board approved of it.

Study funded by UK Biobank

If you read the article the issue revolves around supplement quality, not omega 3s themselves. Unscrupulous supplement sellers are a problem and always have been. The article title is manipulative.

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“Information on regular use of fish oil supplements was collected from a self-reported touchscreen questionnaire during the baseline survey.14 15 Each participant was asked whether they regularly used any fish oil supplement. Trained staff conducted a verbal interview with participants, asking if they were currently receiving treatments or taking any medicines, including omega 3 or fish oil supplements. Based on this information, we classified participants as regular users of fish oil supplements and non-users.”

This is where it becomes guesswork. Where do you draw the line between regular and occasional users? Is there a linear dose response threshold where it becomes to much, and if so, when - at what consumtion? There must be other confounding factors here.