First time doing steroids. Dbol tren and test

Hi so im 24 years old i weigh 150 pounds and im about 510 to 511. I wantedbto start steroids because i always had problems gaining weight with crohns disease. I decided to start dbol 20 mg a day to kick start with be injecting tren 150mg and test 250mg in about week or less ive been on dball for almost 2 weeks about 10 days only so far plan on taking test and tran for 10 weeks once i start.

Should i continue taking dbol with the stack or should i just stop it once im on the test and tren. Its my first time first cycle and im hoping to not be skinny anymore freat resukts so far just after 10 days . Please anyone let me know how i should go with this and how much amidex i shoukd take with all this( update) after posted so i seen some responses and thanks for the concern ans honesty ive chosen to take notch down instead i will be taking test only 400 mg a week and 15 mg dbol might gwt of dbol after week 2

If you haven’t learned how to gain or maintain weight, how do you expect to hold onto anything gained during your cycle? You ARE going to stop right? Guess what happens then… most of what you gained on cycle will diminish in time. You need to learn how to eat and grow first. That aside, Tren is not the drug for you in any scenario. Test and/or Test / Dbol are typical for beginners however. Thats not a recommendation from me, just a typical thing seen.


Using oral steroids seems like a bad idea with Crohns disease. Orals can be pretty tough on the digestive system.


Everything @blshaw said. You need to learn to gain on your own before touching gear.
Tren is an advanced compound and reallly should only be used by competitors getting ready for a show.
You make no mention of your diet or training in your post.
Why don’t you start a log with your training and diet and we can help you get going in the right direction.
Drugs are such a small part of the equation. If you can’t grow without them you won’t grow with them.

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You have received polite answers here!

Get real! My personal opinion is you obviously think a little more muscles will solve whatever issues you have? You are in no position to start using PEDs, especially since you have a chronic condition and limited experience of diet and training consistency. Why are you doing this? Learn to think beforehand to make wise choices.

This will unfortunately lead to: A) Rented muscles due to temporary gains and no ability to keep them long term, B) High probability of side effects and deranged hormone panel for an uncertain period of time, C) A short period of training in your life, as you from now on will get dependent on PEDs to muster up the will to train, D) Potential reactivation of your Mb Crohn due to the stress you put yourself under.


What happened to first cycle test only? Why Tren?

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If you lived with this disease for over a year you already know what foods you can and cannot tolerate. Eat more of the food you can tolerate to gain more weight. It really is that simple.
My sister-in-law has Crohn’s and weighs about as much as you. She keeps her disease in remission by eating healthy foods that she found out can tolerate well.

Your plan is to take a hefty dose of oral and injectable steroids that many much healthier people than yourself have trouble tolerating? It’s a stupid plan for all of the reasons others explained above much more politely. Good luck.

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