First Cycle Review

hi, I’m looking for a little feedback on my first cycle after reading through here and mick harts books I have decided on:

Week 1: 10mg dibol/day
week 2: 20mg
week 3: 30mg
week 4: 30mg
week 5: 20mg
week 6: 10mg

week 1-8: 20mg nolvadex

simple, cheap and no pins for my firat run.

age: 28
16% bf

thanks again for your advice and all of the great info on here.

Read steroid newbie thread. Reread it. Carefully. Then look at your post again.

I did. what’s your point?

Nvm let me know how that works out for you.

Ok now go back and read it again but this time actually read it

I just don’t like the idea if pins. at least on my furst cycle. which us why I didn’t choose test e. plus there seem to be more sides. will the above cycle not do much or what?


[quote]tigwelder85 wrote:
I just don’t like the idea if pins.[/quote]

seriously though dont expect much out of that cycle or this forum if you are only interested in orals

[quote]tigwelder85 wrote:
I just don’t like the idea if pins. at least on my furst cycle. which us why I didn’t choose test e. plus there seem to be more sides. will the above cycle not do much or what?[/quote]

Harden up princess and learn to pin. I had a near phobia of needles but worked through it. Your cycle won’t get any kudos here.

ok. I guess if I’m going to do it I might as well do it right.
Pretty much a copy from phillyfootball’s thread. thanks bro.

does this sound ok?

Week 1-10 Test E 250 E3D
Week 1-12 Arimidex 0.5 mg EOD
Week 3-12 HCG 250IU EOD

Week 13-16 Nolva 20 2xD /40 2xD /20 /20mg

I’m going to buy enough nolva to be able to start it on week 2 @ 20mg a day in case my nipples start to get itchy and sore, or will that mot be an issue with the adex?

Just to confirm, I should be ordering #25, .5ml, 1/2" needles right? injecting into quad is ok?

thanks again guys. really appreciate the input.

Cycle looks good, having a few nolva handy is a good idea but I don’t think you will need enough extra to last ED weeks 2-12, but you can always use em later. 25 mg a day for a couple days clears up anything I’ve ever experienced, but I am not sensitive to gyno effects.

Taper off your arimidex as the test is clearing during weeks 10-12. If you stop it suddenly you can have an estrogen rebound from the excess aromatase enzyme floating around. I would suggest week 11 .5 mg E3D and then .25 mg E3D week 12.

Discontinue HCG 4-5 days before beginning pct.

Injecting into quad is ok. My first cycle was E3D injections and I strictly put it in lateral quad. Warm your oil by running the syringe under hot water for a minute, push the needle in slowly all the way, ASPIRATE to make sure you aren’t in a vein and push the plunger in good and slow to minimize discomfort. Also replace the needle after your draw the oil out of the vial with a fresh one before sticking it in. Push out a small bead of oil on the tip, and tilt the syringe back and forth to lubricate the needle, it makes it go smoother.

The needle size you are suggesting is a little small in volume if I may say so. I used 23g 3ml 1.5’', but that was a bit big. .5ml is a very low volume, you will have to do multiple shots unless your test is like 500mg/ml (you can combine hcg in bacteriostatic with your oil and inject it all IM btw)

The needle length is also a bit small, many people suggest using insulin pins but I’m unsure of the length and volume of insulin syringes that are not U100. I think an inch would be a good idea, especially if you have some fat there, you want to make sure you get it into the muscle. I used to push the full 1.5’’ and I have a low percent body fat.

Good luck pal

Kudos for taking the advice. I wish there was an easier softer way for many things in life. Good luck and report back.