First Cycle ( New to the Forums )

Looking to get some insight on what my next step should be. I’m 33 , 6’1. Eating on a strict plan for the last year and in the gym 6 days a week. Currently have my First ever Cycle of Test C arriving this week. Wondering what my next steps should be. Wondering what my weekly pins should be , What health risk I’m looking at and what to definitely expect and what to possibly expect. I understand everyone is different but nothing wrong with trying to educate myself daily as I have been for over a year now. Any and all advise and info is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you !

With all due respect, you should already know the answers to these questions before you ordered anything.

If you don’t know how much you will be pinning, how did you know how much to order? What is your goal with this cycle? Are you planning on PCTing? Do you have all ancillaries in place?

A steroid cycle is not something to be unprepared for and taken lightly. You’re fucking with your hormones.


Start low. Forget guys who tell you should start 500 minimum.
I started 300mg and saw some big results. Did twice 300mg. Will do again.

  1. Bloodpressure
  2. Hemocrit
  3. Hemoglobin
  4. Acne
  5. Prolactin
  6. E2
    I pinned 2x a week. Next time will try 3x, maybe evens my levels.
    All of this and results depend how you react to x dosage, x pinning a week.
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Lots of reading my man. Usually you have answers to these questions before buying your gear, but at least you haven’t started pinning yet.

I don’t know anything about your history in the gym, your overall health, or your goals for this cycle. So it’s really hard to give any meaningful advice that you can use. Inject 2x per week, that’s about it. Have your PCT in place, along with health screenings you plan to do while on cycle, blood work, and measures to handle blood pressure and heart health. Good luck

I wrote this while driving home last night , Sorry if I didn’t elaborate more.
I currently have a pct and AI in my plans . My plan is to pin 300mg a week. One of my siblings runs a Trt clinic in New England but , I can hardly get ahold of him. I was just looking for any further info I’m not aware of. My labs are good. Test levels are normal. Just looking for further literature . I appreciate the response !

Yeah I was in a Semi posting the Original Post in traffic last night , so I just posted quick without elaborating. I apologize. I have a plan of 300mgs a week. No stacking of any kind beings idk how I will react to the test. Im in the gym 6 days a week 3 hours an day and doing every set to failure. I have AI on hand and a PCT in plan. I guess I’m just looking for anything a ( newbie ) Should be on the look out for or should know . I’m sure this same post has been posted countless times. I just can’t seem how to navigate through the forums to find it !

You might have mastered the art of overtraining. More is not always better.


It’s usually the time I have in between loads for work. So I just stay there. Is what it is.