Fat Burner That's Safe With MAOI's

  Hey everyone im currently cutting weight trying to rid of belly fat mostly.An I can't seem to find a diet pill safe with MOA inhibitors.I take Paxil for anexity reasons.Im dieting an eating right An just need bit more assistance if anyone can help thanks.

“Paxil and Prozac are both SSRIs and neither are significant MAOIs.”

Paxil is an SSRI not MAOI… though the bottles often tend to say not to take with anti-depressants in general, i think this is sort of a safeguard for liability reasons

But u may wanna do more research… ask in authors locker room

While I know Paxil is not an MAOI…

MAOI’s are a very tricky med that you cant take with many things (cheese is even off the list)… I would be VERY wary of mixing something with MAOI’s with anything, and even if a Fat Burner is amazing I wouldnt do it personally because of the risks.

Mixing chemicals that may or may not affect your anxiety meds…Talk about raising your anxiety…

alright thanks guys for the advice

Psychiatrist here, thread line caught my eye. Non-stimulant fat burners are fine, such as CLA. One word of advice about Paxil, of all the SSRI’s, it is the worst for having weight gain as a side effect. Unfortunately, for many people it is the best SSRI for anxiety.

The antidepressants known for least weight gain are Wellbutrin, with Lexapro, Cymbalta, Zoloft next. Prozac often causes initial weight loss and then long term gain. Individual results vary with all of these.
MAOI’s are 1960’s generation meds that should be avoided unless all other options fail.

Ive been on paxil for about 3 years so i was really looking for non safe stimulants thanks alot that helped.I’ll check out CLA

‘Non-safe stimulants’… Hmmm… Perhaps something safe but still a stimulant might be better? Try talking to your GP or whoever about potential interactions.

I didnt mean to write “non safe” my bad lol i meant Safe “non stimulants” lol basically a safe fat burner

Yeah, I was just being an idiot. basically talk to your GP or a medical professional i think, I personally wouldn’t be messing with MAOIs or SSRIs. Relatively serious drugs.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen MAOIs prescribed! I’ve been a nurse for 13 years and I have yet to see them used anymore. Like Dr. PC wrote, they are a class that should be avoided, and usually are by responsible medical providers.

Well I only thought that Paxil included an MOAI but some people tell me now it doesn’t so I didn’t want to mix anything with an MOAI but Paxil doesn’t have them so i guess im good.