Exercises for the at-home lifter

Hello, Dr. Darden.

I finished reading Extreme Hit 30-10-30. I have read the other posts about exercise substitutions for at-home lifters. What is your opinion of one-leg exercises?

o Foot dumbbell exercises: reverse squat, standing leg curl. [I use a green Rogue band to attach a dumbbell to my shoe.

o Calf raise
o Hip thrust. I have equipment to for standard hip thrusts but it takes less setup time to do one-legged thrusts.

I am not Darden. I will just point out that there are a variety of unilateral leg exercises that could be considered. Some might be adaptable to 30-10-30. The Case for Single Limb Training

One-leg exercises are okay. Just be careful in getting used to doing them. I would recommend doing them only occasionally.