Ester mixing

I am planing on doing test primo npp cycle Next month and i would like to know can we mix all these different esters in single syringe and then inject?

Better to move this to Pharma / TRT

And yeah, you’re probably fine to mix them in the same syringe - just dont keep them like that for long so dont pre-mix and store them like that.

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No problem mixing but why primo and short ester? Why not deca?

What I like about NPP it works fast and you could be finishing up as to it’s big brother Deca is just getting warmed up.

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It appears i don’t get the same mental sides from NPP that i get from deca.

I guess i haven’t run 600mg npp before, either though.

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That’s interesting. I’ve never run NPP yet. Mental sides for me on deca come around the 8-10 week mark but they arnt bad. I just need to be mindful of my attitude.
I will be starting my next cycle with NPP though. We will see if I notice anything.