Ephedrine/clen anabolic?

a friend og mine keeps saying that ephedrine/clen are proven anticatabolics, so taking them after a cycle to keep gains are a good idea? short of tying his nutsack in a bow around his neck,how do I prove him wrong? I cant see how stimulating Beta2-receptors will produce an anabolic/anticatabolic effect(at least in humans)…Wouldn´t it raise cortisollevels instead?..thanx in advance

come on now… :slight_smile:

Sorry to say, but your friend is right for the most part. There is quite a bit of evidence that Clenbuterol induces hypertrophy under normal conditions or prevents atrophy under unweighting. Most of the data is in animals, but there is quite a bit of it, across species, which would indicate that it applies to humans as well. These properties have not been demonstrated in ephedrine though. This is most likely because Clen acts as a B2 agonist, but probably effects hypertrophy through another mechanism (eg. second messenger, immediate early response), whereas ephedrine simply acts as a B2 agonist.

Blonde: Without going into a lot of detail (because I don’t have the time), the ephedrine/caffeine stack has been proven to preserve muscle mass during a diet. Thus, it’s not unreasonable to state that such a stack – and, by rough interpolation, ephedrine – is anti-catabolic in that respect. However, simply because a substance may eliminate muscle catabolism does not necessarily imply that it’s anabolic. They’re two entirely different physiological states.