Ephedra-free fat burners

In the past I have used the original Hydroxycut with great results. Now that the supplement companies have moved away from ephedra, do the new versions work as effectively. Ephedra was a main component in raising the bodys’ thermal temperature.

I’d go with hot rox.

being a new Zealander we never really had Ephedra anyway (well not legally) so i have had the (mis)fortune of trying most ephedra Free fat burners. They are not as good as the ECA version but they are better than nothing. The better ones i have tried used 40mg synephrine 200 mg caffeine (and some extras like tyrosine). If you can get Hot Rox give it a bash. i cant say i have tried it tho (havent really dieted since it came out and again its not really leagl in NZ)