Emily's About-Time Training Log

January 1, 2024 weight was 169.2.

I’ve been devoting a lot of time lately to reading training logs along with the usual articles and topical threads, and have been surprised to see that not everyone logs the workouts themselves. I’ve assumed that was the main purpose, so never started a log. I work out in the morning and once I’m done it’s to the shower and then to a job that doesn’t generally allow for posting, so tracking happens via my watch and a spiral notebook.

However, I find myself thinking a lot about my goals and the things that are going well, or not, and I’ve been feeling that I’m over-posting in the T-ransformation thread.

So I’ll give this a go.

Spent an hour and a half walking on an icy dirt road this morning. It was the warmest day we’ve had since probably November, and there was actual sunshine. Perfect LISS. Today would have been a lift day, but I was really achy from yesterday’s three mile mountain snowshoe adventure with a pack in slushy snow, which had my heart rate up for a good part of the hike. I had a couple of light beers on Thursday and this may have been inflammatory rather than the hike, but hard to tell. Unless I repeat the hike on a day not following two light beers. I’ll put that on my list.


Awesome to see you here in the training spaces! You’ve been an MVP here for so long: be outstanding to be able to be part of your journey.


Thanks! We’ll see how it goes!


I used to teach PE. Snow shoe-ing was part of the deal. Three miles deserves a tip of the cap.

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Awesome! :+1:


It’s amazing how much the different types of snow impact the intensity of the hike. We hit another snowmobile trail today because it would have been too much to keep breaking through crust and then pulling back out. Plus too much for the dog.

To whom happy 13th-15th birthday! Hot off the presses birthday pic:


Good to see you start a training log. Here for the journey.

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Happy Birthday Buttons!

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This dog bit my face last night. I don’t know whether to take time off or not. I don’t want to strain the stitches, but on the other hand neither do I want to stall what has been good progress to this point.

It’s great to see you start a log! Happy to follow along.

That dog definitely deserves the timeout. Hope you heal up quickly. Maybe more LISS is in order for a few days then back to lifting?

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This sounds like a solid plan, get mots of movement in, do some pre-hab / mobility work and be refreshed and ready to train hard when the stitches are good to go.


The unfortunate part about lifting is that you will make painfully little progress with weeks of consistent effort.

Where that benefits you here, is that you will also lose very little progress - if any - by discontinuing weight lifting for a few weeks while you recover.

IMO, keep up the LISS as it should not affect/strain your stitches any (or just don’t do LISS that does strain your stitches) but hold off until stitches are no longer needed.

I’m not much on giving or receiving sympathy, but you are a far kinder person than I for that dog still being alive. I wish you a speedy recovery.

*if you aren’t concerned about needles, BPC-157 is a miracle drug for recovery of multiple types, whether muscle tears or CNS suppression.
I imagine this would also work well for your injuries. I can make a recommendation or two on this front (this is a legal ‘for research purposes’ peptide that many athletes in many sports have used to successfuly recover from injury) regarding sourcing and dosing, if that interests you.

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Nooo! :frowning:

Oh man. I’m really sorry to see this. For all kinds of reasons.

Thanks, all!

I did a 30 minute gentle TM walk yesterday, which was helpful for a number of reasons, mostly concerning my head and my mood. I was definitely anxious about going into work and having a groundhog day conversation every hour on the hour about my face. I sent a pic to my supervisor to see what she thought, and luckily she’s a therapist, so said soothing things about it and pointed out the opportunity to model grace and acceptance with a (slightly) mangled face for the patients. And of course, who wouldn’t be pleased to be a model of grace at work. (Sarcasm.) (Although not entirely sarcasm, because I do talk at least once a day about not worrying what other people think or how you look or whatever.)

One of my clients (f25), a special ed teacher, was startled by it and started laughing, then apologized for laughing, and then laughed some more, and another (f67) didn’t see it at all. I was stunned. She’s mildly autistic and I’ve been working with her for 10 years. I had no idea she was so nearsighted. I wonder if she knows. Thank God she doesn’t drive. I inherited her from one of the two friends, and we talk about that dog all the time in session, along with Buttons and her cats and Moose, the dog next door to her. I assumed she’d be shocked and horrified and debated admitting which dog bit me but she didn’t say a word, just started talking about her cat’s thyroid. Then when I mentioned it, she got a magnifying glass (!) out of her pocket to look at it. Weird. I mean, it’s a 1.5 inch steri-stripped and stitched gash plus two other gouges that didn’t need stitching, one beside my nose and the other on my neck. It’s definitely visible. People were double-taking all day.

@Andrewgen_Receptors thank you for the information about BCP-157 and the offer for recommendations, but luckily I don’t think I need it. I’ll have a scar, but it won’t be large and is reasonably well placed near my chin. No muscle damage. It could have been much, much worse. My eyes!

I sort of laughed when I read this. Did you look at that dog?? Even if I’d happened to bring my gun, it’s an LCR…I’m not even sure that would do the trick with that guy.

But more, you’d have to understand the context and my friends. The text inviting us read “we’re having a super bowl party with my mom if you want to come, lol.” Her mom has pretty advanced Parkinson’s and weighs maybe 90lbs at this point. We say okay, just for a bit beforehand, and get there and it’s just us, the mom, and our friends, who are married lesbians. There’s a MASSIVE amount of food. MASSIVE. She’s been cooking all day. Is this expected to be her mom’s last party? Maybe! But it was just us. So we stayed until half time. When the bite happened - we were leaving and I went to say goodbye to the dog, who thought I wanted his spot on the couch back - the more butch of the two started crying. I’ve worked with each of them and they’re just good eggs. Kind.

I don’t know. My husband is protective of them and didn’t give any info when he filled out the hospital bite paperwork. I’m not sure I agree with that, but I get it. We just…feel sad that they’re having to deal with this and that I am. They love that dog. I’ve been around him for years without any problem. If he were my dog I think I’d put him down rather than risk him very seriously injuring someone, but I was not prepared to force that it happen.

Also, we’d just made arrangements to go to Key West together in two weeks, which came about because I was lecturing the butch friend about being nicer to the femme friend - my “feed the good dog” lecture - and…I don’t know. We’re protective of them.

@SkyzykS these are charter members of my Magazine Club from way back, part of the gang my best friend told me wouldn’t want to hang out with me anymore if I didn’t stop talking about Hockey Guy so much. They provided the flowers for my wedding, and we helped put theirs together.

The butch partner (although she’s really not particularly butch) is probably my husband’s best local friend. He has guy friends, but they’re all 3 hours away, where he’s from. He works remotely, so all of our friends come from my work, so licensed clinical social workers - therapists, lol. And she’s the one with land and a pond and a tractor - which no one but him wants to talk to her about.

I’m rambling. No LISS today. It hurts, so I’m sleeping poorly.



So you were right, paving the way for a friendship. :+1:

I’m glad you added some context. I was worried you might be getting somehow bullied or mistreated by dogs. I have no tollerance for that. I’d be driving north in a hurry with my choker chain in hand, until I realized I don’t have GPS, or any idea where I was going. And there’s a big river in the way. And my car isn’t in the greatest shape.

I hope you all can persevere and preserve the friendship. It sounds like they’re in a difficult spot all the way around with an aging parent & aging crotchety old dog.

I get tired when I have a lot of mixed emotions. They take up a ton of energy, so I sleep more at times like that.
:crossed_fingers:fingers crossed that you can get some rest. Pain gives me weird dreams.

Edit: And Happy Valentines Day! :heart:

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Oh no! How scary is that? That is a BIG dog. Yikes. Hope you heal up quickly and get back to training soon.

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But now I’m oozing a bit of pus, which is caking around the stitches. WTF. This is my face! If all 7 of my patients show today that’ll make 17 unique conversations about it, plus the ones with my coworkers. And one semi-exam by the PA I work with, whose probing I believe may have encouraged the pus-ooze. I’m so ready to be done with this week. And the weekend is clear, so it’ll be all sleep and LISS and resting my face.

And responding to texts from the dog’s owners about how I’m doing, which come 2x/day x2 of them.

Did you look at that dog? I’m not sure that’s going to do the trick, haha. Have you seen Turner and Hootch? (If not, you should 100% watch it with your kiddo.) I just looked for the dog catcher scene on video, and actually the dog that bit me is bigger than Hootch. Just really remarkably large, lol. You’re going to want a tow truck with a winch of some sort.

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Dog bites can be nasty. They’re very high risk for infection (like 100%).

So… I got bit by our family dog, mainly my dads- xxl german shepherd. I was fighting with my brother, and being the aggressor, dog went after me to break it up. She grabbed my right thigh from behind and yanked backward Really hard. Hard enough to shred my inner thigh and outer glute/ham/itb area.

Being an absolue unit ( :rofl: ) I cleaned it out real good, packed it with gause and dressed with bacitracin, wrapped with an ace bandage. Then went to work & stuff until it became clear that it was going to need more attention.

So all of the necrotic flesh had to be removed, and the wounds had to be repacked with antibiotic/gause strips till it healed from the inside out, because of flesh removal. And like, 30 years later there is still some significant scarring.

I don’t know how much, if any, leakage (maybe a little weeping is ok) is acceptable, but be careful of unusual swelling, redness or discharge. :pray:.

I did. Looks like a Kangal. Turkish herd protection dog. Big, brave, will fight wolves.

But so am I! :grin:

:+1: good. Maybe its age, wisdom, humility, or just a lack of cocaine & testosterone, but I become emotionaly drained by upset and turmoil much more easily than I used to.

Now is time to treat yourself with as much care and attention as you have for others.


Interesting! I looked it up, and yup!

The breed name derives from that of the town and district of Kangal in Sivas Province, the easternmost province of the Central Anatolia Region in central Turkey

But it says males run 110-130, and this dog is much larger than that. He can put his chin on my lap when I’m sitting on a kitchen bar stool. He’s at least 200. (Granted, old and overweight.)

Anyway, had the sutures out yesterday and am now in steri-strips. There were seven stitches. The visit was really reassuring - the doc said it looks good, but if in a couple of months I don’t like the way it looks a plastics guy can easily pretty it up. They don’t stitch tightly with bites because of the risk of infection. So that reassures me. I don’t think I realized until afterward how worried and upset I’d been, particularly after having EVERY SINGLE session this week begin with “OMG, what happened?!” I think all the horrified looks I got messed with my head. Plus this, lol:

I’m also free to do whatever I want. Yesterday I lifted, today I’ll run. Yay!


:flushed: Sorry. That was pretty bad, huh?

Yeah! :+1: