Elite PL Looking to Jump to World Class

My bench has increased a pretty good bit so far. Squat and deadlift are hovering around lifetime bests currently, but I haven’t peaked yet or anything. Honestly, I was a little underwhelmed by the test by itself in terms of strength gains.

I’m excited to see what the var will do leading in to the comp. The epi kickstart was the best part of the cycle so far in terms of strength gains. I just wasn’t sure if stacking them would be beneficial because I read that they are both class 1 steroids and I wasn’t sure if there would be any synergy between them.

Even if there isn’t ‘synergy’ per se, it’s still more gear.

You will be fine using both orals together unless together. I pretty much every meet prep use 2 orals per cycle. Usually Dbol and Halo or Dbol and Mtren. Unless you have liver issues to begin with or ar taking insane doses which you arent for weeks on end you will be fine.

Cool, I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks guys.