Ed Coan 8 Week Routine

I’m eight weeks out from my next meet here in Louisville, KY and thought it would be nice to track it on TNation and update how I’m feeling. I went from training 5-6 times a week, going into the gym with an “idea” of what I was going to do to now knowing exactly what numbers I’m going to be lifting. I also stopped brosciencing my diet and got with a friend who’s a RD and am tuning my diet.

My last meet in April I dropped all my weight the week of to compete at 181 and still only managed a 1335 (475/345/515) so this time I’m going to go 198 and hopefully hit 1550+. I have also switched from conventional to the Coan sumo and have critiqued my bench and squat to be a little more optimal for my levers.

My current 1rm’s are 525/365/525, the 525 squat was in wraps and it was very easy but I haven’t gone any higher to this date, the 365 bench should be more like 375 judging by how fast it came up and the 525 deadlift was with sumo and it was the first day I attempted the new form so I have no doubt it is actually higher. MY IG is rbpowers87 and all the lifts are on there, I’m not 100% sure how to link them in here…

10 Aug 15 DAY 1 SQUAT

BB Squat 3x10@345 (70%) belt, sleeves
Single Leg Press 3x10@185
Leg Ext -SS- Leg Curls 3x10 (150x10-120x10)x3
Standing Calf Raises 4x10@230
Reverse Hyper Rows 4x10@50

Started the plan on squats and high reps, I know I really should have tweaked the routine to start at 5 and this is hindsight but honestly I like the reps because I feel it helps further train my core and to pound in the form.

11 Aug 15 Day 2 Bench

Bench Press 3x10@265
CG Bench (w/ slingshot) 2x8@315
Incline Bench 2x8@225
DB Chest Flyes 2x20@50
Tricep Pushdowns 5x10@185 straight bar
Rope Pushdowns 3x20@105
AB Wheel 3x20

The bench was very easy and the slingshot helped a lot to get through the reps of CG and to overload the triceps. Bench has never been my favorite lift but it is really coming together.

13 Aug 15 Day 3 Deadlift

Deadlift 3x10@370
B/O Rows 2x8 225x8 275x8 back pain so I only did 1 set of 275
SLDL 2x8 225x8 again, couldn’t get away from it hurting so I called it
Wide Grip Pullups 10,9,7
Seated Calf Raises 3x12
Hanging Leg Raises 3x20

I’ve been seeing a chiro for my back and it has been doing a lot better but bentover rows still aggravates it pretty bad some days… The deadlift felt great, but I kept losing grip in my right hand so I know what I need to work on.

14 Aug 15 Accessory Day

CG Bench 2x20@135 w/u, 2x10@245, 2x10@315 slingshot
Sittting OHP 3x10/9/8@185
Laying lateral raises -ss- rear lateral raises 2x10@15
Reverse Hyper Rows 3x10@50
Tricep Pushdowns 3x15@195 straight bar
Hammer Curls 3x10@50
Calf Raises Smith Machine 3x20@225
Adductor -ss- Abductor 2x20@100

I tried my lateral raises laying down and hated it… will stick to standing. On my OHP I got 10 my first time, then 9, then 8… never gone for that many reps at that weight but it wasn’t difficult, best I’ve managed before was 225 for 4 or 5. The adductor/abductor was a first for me and I feel it will help a lot with my hip strength on sumo, but it really does beat it up.

I’m here in louisville too. Doing Ed’s bench and dead program. Really trying to up the ante here with these. I’ve been plagued by adductor pain, as well as awkward leverages and immobility. So I’m really looking to make some progresa with these. I know they’ll work.

I’ll stay tuned. Best of luck, bro.