Eating After Workout

Just curious on what you guys eat after your workout? OBviously Surge or some sort of drink similar but what do you eat until you go to bed?

As soon as im done with my workout I pound down the Surge w/ creatine and about an hour later I have an egg white sandwich (usually with 100% whole wheat bread) or chicken with brown rice/sweet potato. Then 2 hours later I eat another protein/carb meal like chicken/turkey with pasta (whole wheat).

MId workout - handfull of BCAAs

Immediately Post - Pop Tart + 40g Whey + half serv Creatine

1 Hour Post - ~1/2 lb Lean protein (beef, chicken whatever), Either Spinach Salad, Bowl of Raw Broccoli, or sometimes in winter, big bowl of pasta (Tri Color Rotini, Tortolini, whatever). Also typically throw in a handful of Almmonds or Cashews


PWO a drink very similar to Surge.

After that I eat whatever the hell I feel like.

That entails anything from a steak and fries to a couple of cheesburgers from McDonald’s to chicken and rice.

I love some instant oatmeal with a bit of chocolate powder and egg whites.

quick question for nater26

chocolate powder as in…like the “unsweetened baking cocoa”…

or do you mean chocolate protein powder?