Easter Candy is Good...

for hitting new PRs. I ate too much crap yesterday, but felt strong going into my workout this morning and set a couple of new records on my lifts.

Wish it worked that way all the time, but I’ll take what I can get.

have you been dieting before eating all that crap? Ive been dieting and when I ate all the lasagna, potatoes, spinach dip with pumpernickle bread etc etc I had a pump like no other yesterday

Not really dieting. I usually eat clean during the week, and have a cheat day on the weekend. I was actually just thinking today that I need to build in more clean calories during the week. My workout today wasn’t as good as yesterday, since I didn’t have enough fuel for the big lifts. It sucks putting in all that effort for subpar results, due to not eating enough the day before.

Easter candy has the best candy for any “holiday”.