EAS Supplement Review

Anybody got the new EAS supp. review? It has workout plans from Pavel Tsatusomething and I’ve had pretty good success with them. Anybody else tried the training or diet information found within the book?

Is the book still free, (minus shipping), or do they make you pay for it now?? I’d get it just for the Palvlov (sp) training routines, I have heard alot of positive feedback from people doing these rountines.

yeah, 4 bucks or something for shipping. It’s a pretty good read and the programs are interesting so I was wondering if anyone has had any results.

no the book is not free. the $4.oo covers more than the shipping charges. if you look at the envelope that the book came in, you will see that the actual shipping charges are something like $1.89. the rest of the charges cover the printing costs. so, you see. this is free advertising for eas. remember, bill p. is nothing but a shithead