dumbell recommendations

I’m setting up a home gym with a power rack etc., and I’m wondering what to do for dumbells. Separate dumbells are $$ and take up a lot of room. The Powerblocks look good, but I don’t know if they’re worth it. Any other suggestions? I know there used to be some handles that were telescopic and I think you could get up to 80lbs a piece.

Thanks for the help,

Power Blocks are very nice, but not very good for guys with really big hands.

I’ve got a few of the olympic dumbells that you can add free weights to for now. I can get a lot more weight on them than I can handle, so it’s a decent $30 spend. They just take some time getting used to.

Anything else that I’ve found is either junk or just too damn expensive.

~ jackzepplin

I like the Power Blocks a lot, although I wonder if I ever had to drop them, would they hold up to repeated poundings (they probably would).