Drinkin Beers and what to do

Alright, I searched here and found things concerning beer, lowers testosterone, cals, what everyone likes to drink, but I was wondering what to do to help negate the effects. I remember hearing something about spraying on androsol to help keep test. high. What about tribex? Pop a few pills and go out drinkin and would you be better off? Actually popping pills after would be better since you won’t know if it might come back up or not.
Any other hints or tricks?

Funnily enough I find myself in this situation today. I don’t believe that Tribex would help because testosterone production is reduced in the interstitial cells of the testis and thus stimulating luteinizing hormone would theoretically have little effect. Androsol should help androgen levels and Vitex may lower estrogen. Doug Kalman is hot on Quercetin for liver health.

Hi Guys. What is quercetin and how does it work? Being older with a misspent youth, my liver needs all the help it can get. Currently, I take Milk Thistle. Thanks.

I just contain my drinking to the weekend and I don’t have any problems at all. I don’t think booze will destroy all your training. Look at college athletes who all booze it up after their games on Saturdays. They have still made great gains (the majority anyhow.)

Avoids, quercetin is a non-citrus bioflavonoid that shows antioxidant properties specifically related to the liver. The evidence for its usefulness is quite compelling. I mailed Doug telling him that I had recently been overindulging in the jungle juice, and wanted to get my house back in order. He recommended 420mg Silymarin and 1g Quercetin daily. For further info, check out Doug’s “Liver Pate” article issue 140.-Stu

I use the Androsol trick, 35 sprays before I go out and party.

Great article! I just ordered some quercetin with C from Twinlab. Thanks for the info.

I’ve had problems lately in bed, and I think it may be due to beer. Though it’s never happened before last week, I had trouble keeping an erection after I’d had quite a few beers. The girl I was with didn’t mind much since I still took care of her needs, and so I didn’t think much of it either. However, two nights later I was with another girl and the same thing happened, also after I had been drinking. This one was a bit more embarrassing since I had just met this girl, and my cousin and I were both having sex with her, so he got a nice laugh out of it too. I’m only hoping it was from the beer, but if it wasn’t then what else could I do for an erection? I’m 20 years old, so I really shouldnt have any trouble with T-levels.

I’d prefer advice on the matter rather than lectures on my promiscuity. I enjoy sex, and I’m being deprived of it right now. Thanks, bye bye.


Go the old school way and take some dessicated liver tablets.

Well I don’t drink that much and just wanted to see how to minimize the damage. I’m in college so the occasional drunken state I put myself in comes with the territory. Although if I wanted to stop altogether I could, but wouldn’t want to miss out on the college experience and all that. Like I said, I’m not ‘every-day’ partier, it’s more like every other weekend.

Yeah, I was screwing two chicks then a third came in, but I think the beer had an effect on me because I couldn’t get it up. Then a couple days later two twins came in and wanted it, but I had drank two beers so I couldn’t get it up. Seriously though, seems some guys get whiskey dick and others (like me) can get it up no problem but can’t blow it. Both of the problems suck. What the fuck were you doing a girl with another guy around for?

He was doing her too. We’re cousins, so we share, heh. He never could shoot his load either, though he had no trouble with an erection.
I was just looking for any supplements or suggestions that would help aside from “quit drinking.” =P