Dont Diet Question ATTN John Berardi or Don't Diet PPL

John or other knowledgeable T-men, I have a couple questions. I searched for answers but only found mixed responses. First, I’m trying to do massive eating with a calorie deficit and some light cardio to get a little leaner before summer. I lift at around 2:45 and after I run a bit its like 4:00 so I drink my Surge shake. That would usually be my third or fourth meal of the day, and my meals after that should be protein/fat, but if I’m trying to preserve muscle mass I have a feeling my meal after surge should contain carbs? But if I do then I’ll only have two protein/fat meals. Also, I bought some advanced protein to use with my protein/fat meals. I was going to take 40 grams of it with flax oil before bed, but people have mixed opinions about eating fat before bed, and the flax oil serving is 13 grams, what’s your opinion? I’m also concerned I won’t get enough fat in my diet. Don’t flame me, I have searched and read like of your posts and articles.