Doing a Cycle with Current Gyno?

Hey guys I’m debating on doing a new cycle, I haven’t done one in over 3 years now. My diet is pretty on point, I’m about 205lbs at 12-13% bf. Only issue is I developed gyno during my last cycle, it seemed to go away for the most part (just a very insignificant hard bump remained under my nipple) but in the last year it flared up quite considerably even though I had not used any gear and my diet was still quite healthy. I got bloods done, everything is in normal range, but the dr said it is definitely gyno. I had an appointment with a surgeon that will remove it but I won’t be able to afford it anytime soon.

If I do a cycle now will it get incredibly worse? I know about AI’s and SERMs, I’ve used them in previous cycles only when I noticed the gyno/high estrogen symptoms. I currently have everything I need from gear to AI’s and PCT, just wondering if I should wait until after the surgery (It will be quite a while until I have the funds for it)

How the hell are we supposed to know? :slight_smile:

I think you know the answer. And i think no one here will say “no your gyno WONT flare up, so blast away”.

Not sure what you wanted to accomplish by this topic. Probably 1 out of 2 options :
1)You want to blast so you are looking if 1 out of 10 people will be dumb enough to guarantee you that its fine(idk who can give that guarantee but hey…)
2)You know you shouldnt and you are looking for people to ensure you that you shouldnt. If thats the case, then… .well - you shouldnt blast if you have gyno already and know you are prone to gyno.

If it didnt stop you from getting gyno before, why would it now?


I mean if you’re going to go back to blasting (and running the risk of getting gyno v2) after gyno surgery - why not just permablast and let the gyno get as bad as it will, then have the surgery remove it? You’re getting the surgery anyways, and maybe you’ll have the blasting out of your system by the time you foot the bill it caused you.

Maybe? Since you’ve got a history of this happening, I’m gonna say chances are fair it’ll happen again.

No that’s not the case buddy. I was wondering if anyone else was in this position and noticed it come back worse after as I’m sure a lot of people here have had this issue and used gear while on it. I’m not naive enough to search for justification to run a cycle just by having one person say “yeah totally go for it”. I’ve held off on doing a cycle this long, i can wait until after the surgery. I have just had all this gear sitting around waiting until I am ready to go again. Thanks for your input.

I wanna say I’ve read some gyno removal stories from when the gland was really big and it left an indentation in the persons chest.
Might be something to think about

As you can see my promise above, my only experience with AAS is with pharmaceutical products. What worked with me doesn’t consider the quality of the AAS that you are using.

Occasionally I would get a little gyno that I watched closely. Sometimes I attempted to treat with Nolvadex or Proviron. But what I knew was that if I was going to be taking anabolic steroids other than testosterone I had to limit my testosterone to 200mg/wk. So, all my cycles included 200mg/wk of testosterone (once I started using test), and included low dosages of the high aromatizing anabolic steroids, like Anadrol, and Dianabol (which we thought most easily converted to estrogen.) I always used an injectable steroid and an oral steroid along with the 200mg/wk of testosterone. I felt safer using Anavar and Winstrol orals.

Throughout all 3 decades that I used AAS, I kept the gyno in check. I never had surgery, though I considered it from time to time. And I have seen surgery that left indentations at the nipples of a couple people who did have surgery.


LMAO. You were not joking. If you are going to put this disclaimer on your posts then @hankthetank89 should put one on his posts as well:


** I have no idea what my dosing is since I dont go to the trouble of confirming potency/purity of the UGL gear I use. Hence, i may be injecting anywhere from 0 to 120?% of the stated API dosages I post. Also no idea if there is heavy metal or bacterial contamination in my vials **

Test your stuff unless you are hoping the oil itself is anabolic and dont mind a little heavy metal or bacterial contamination:


or you can just not tell me what i should or shoudlnt and we can just go about ar lives as we like… i think that would be very nice :slight_smile: