Regular Long-Time Tren Users, How’s Your Health?

That’s what happens when you take a break from the forum to do legs (toothpicks these days.) I got raked over the coals.

So, please allow me to add some context of my experience when doctors were closely watched who prescribed AAS. I found it more difficult to find a doctor who would write a prescription for AAS. It seems, as I recall, in the mid 1980’s that I began going to the UGL sources. I never knew what I was getting, coupled that my progress seemed to slow. I attributed that to the possibility that I had reached my genetic potential, but it might have been inferior AAS.

My friend opened a gym. I began going there and he and I soon became workout partners. He and I were talking about the unknown contents of the UGL AAS we were buying. He decided to put an end to the mystery of purity. He started making trips to Spain and France and other countries near about. That became the end of using UGL sources for us.

I should add that a friend I knew who wanted to get as big as he could, lost kidney function doing so. I pretty much thought he was taking testosterone year round. We were very suspicious that he got ahold of some contaminated AAS. He was on dialysis for more than 4 years waiting to be cleared to get on the waiting list for a kidney. Those in charge of the transplant program, made him wait because his behavior was the reason he needed a kidney. He did eventually get a kidney. I have not heard anything about him for at least 20 years.

I will say that apart from that short period of having to rely on UGL “junk”, all my experience with AAS was having very good belief that what I used was exactly what it was labeled to be.

So, henceforth, when I mention any dosage, I will qualify that it was pharmaceutical grade, and “probably many times better than the UGL garbage” you might have.

I want to make a comment about the direct relationship of strength with muscle size when using only AAS. IMO, if you are getting stronger it is because you are adding muscle mass (providing you are not doing CNS specific training.) This is only for comparing yourself before to yourself after. You cannot compare yourself to another athlete.
The addition of HGH and insulin lessens the strength gains relative to the muscle gains. With HGH and insulin you can make significant muscle mass gains while only getting a little stronger. This is just an observation that I have made from the results I have seen in others.