Does carbs or fat affect energy when cutting?

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Yes, I have fixed this. It took about 6 months to heal from this. I had to lose a lot of body fat. I felt so bloated and sick all the time. I used to be 185lbs w/ 20-25% bf. Now I’m 155lbs with about 15% bf. I feel a lot better. I had to get an ultrasound and doctors found that my liver was compromised by high fat. They said that eating 5000 calories a day plus all that carbs (white rice) was hurting me. I had liver pain that would occur. Not anymore. It’s back to normal and I was so fucking pissed my fitness coach about this. He kept saying that it was in my head or that too many calories/carbs wouldn’t hurt me. I still can’t believe I paid him $5000 for some meal plans, calls, and a workout plan. The ironic part is he doesn’t have a certification for personal training or nutrition while I do (nasm) and I’m not even a trainer or nutritionist.

I have tried electrolytes and it doesn’t really help me.

No I don’t. My last physical during summer last year said I had normal blood sugar, kind of low side though. Blood pressure is normal.

Which ones?

I tried both LiquidIV and Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder Packets.

Both of these contain sugar, which is the confounding variable you’re trying to work around. When bodyweight drops and carbs drop, our ability to hold fluids and electrolytes drop, which is why we get dizzy. You adding in carbs is just allowing you to hold more electrolytes, but if the goal is to not add in more carbs, a non-carb containing electrolyte supplement would go far.


Garbage… try LMNT or Redmond Relyte

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