DLing Working Against Your V-Taper?

[quote]IQ wrote:
Scott M wrote:
To me the amount of freaky back mass someone can gain off dead lifts and their variants far outweight the thickening of the abdominals/spinal erectors.

Ramo if more people took that advice(and arguabl wouldn’t even need to focus on those bodyparts) we’d have a lot more big people here.

What’s the advantage of waiting to fix obvious weaknesses?[/quote]

You can focus on building a good solid base and not waste time doing stuff that has a low impact on overall mass.

[quote]Uber N3wb wrote:
Case and point, its not a big deal, the small ammount of size you might put on your waist would be from superior abb and back muscles and the gain you get from deadlifts to begin with is worth the 1-2" you might gain if you put a couple hundred lbs on your deadlift working setts.

Def. the point I was trying to make. Barely gaining an inch in pants size barely shows a true gain in waist size… The benefits are way better than ‘possible’ drawbacks.