Diet Manipulation

Has anyone ‘out there’ (whatever the hell that means) tried Rob Faigin’s ‘Natural Hormonal Enhancement’ protocol and if so what is the deal, ie., ‘thumbs up’ or just more ‘new age’ crap? Thanks, Jack

I have never heard of it, could you tell me more or tell me where to find info on it. thanks

It’s another version of the anabolic diet and probally almost identical to the new metabolic diet. Instead of a free day(s) on the weekend you have one carb spiked meal on Wed and another one or two on Sat.

It does make for some very interesting reading, but to exercise to increase Growth Hormone point is overrated. I think you get more benefit by spiking insulin post workout to combat cortisol than allowing an increase in Growth Hormone (that occurs while you exercise) due battle (one that Growth Hormone will surely lose). (He believes insulin will kill growth hormone).

I due believe in limiting the length of time that any workout takes is valid (something that is preached in the book).

I don’t like the 3 day low carbs, 2 days high cycle. I think that’s one day too many on high carbs. Personally, the Anabolic Diet did great things for me, try it.

It’s not that much different than other low carb diets but he backs up everything with references if that’s important to you. He also goes into great detail about different types of fat and the effect on testosterone. He shows that most veggies and fruits don’t contribute appreciable carbs so I think his diet is healthy long term. If your serious about keto diets I think it’s worth it to have. It’s very thick.