Diet for endomorphic guys?

What about the diet structure for endomorphic guys, when ectomorphic guys can eat whatever they want. Do I need to keep (as a endo guy) high protein moderate carb and moderate or low fat diet to gaining mass? How do you fellow endo guys have organized your diet?

We,the endomorphs,are totally screwed. However,this shouldn’t stop you from becoming stronger and heavier. As you know, we have to try to stay fairly lean all year long because it seems, that even those 2 calories from tic-tac are going to turn to fat. In my experience, endomorphs should be,more than others,especially careful about GI of their food. For me,it makes a real difference.Also,while ectos and mezos can easily get away with occasional treats, we’re not that lucky. I guess you’re a bodybuilder,so you want to minimize fat accumulation during the year. This is important,since many endomorphs are especially prone to muscle loss during diets. I eat very clean diet all year long,with higher protein,moderate carbs(all low GI,except for those in post-training meal) and low-moderate fat(this is something you haven’t heard about,I’m sure). As for the fat loss diet,any kind of diet with lower carbs,usually works for me. Bottom line- the most important macronutrient to be careful with are carbs.

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thanks for reply Draz. This sounds very familiar. What are your macronutrient %ratio recommendations for mass diet and fat-loss? and how may cals per lb of bodyweight?
what should be the GI? <90? what is the BF that you maintain?

I eat cca 3300 cals daily,and I am around 178lbs at 5’7. My macronutrient ratio is (again,approx)40/40/20,which means 330g of protein, 330g of carbs and 73g of fat. I am not that precize and my calories can go up,in gaining phase, 200-300 cals. While some may argue that 3300cals are not enough for someone at 178lbs to grow,it’s plently for me as everything above that will,of course,spill over to fat rapidly. I never had my BF percentage measured so I cannot tell you the exact number.I can only tell you that you wouldn’t be able to say that I am endomorph if you saw me. I am not familiar with GI of every food I eat,but here are the examples- brown pasta(al dente),old-fashioned oatmeal, 100% whole-grain bread etc. I stay away from cereals, white breads, white rice,long-cooked pasta etc. I also eat a lot of vegetables with my meals to lower GI even further. To some,all that may seem a bit extreme,but they haven’t been in our skin.