Diet, BodyFat and Facial Fat

It is well known that the percentage of body fat can influence the aesthetics of the face, and usually, a healthy face is associated with a body fat percentage below <15%.

For all those who are underweight, or who need to gain weight through a supplementary diet, how can those people limit the intake of too much fat, so that this does not negatively impact the aesthetics of the face? Yes, it’s true that genetics plays a role in this, but certainly, through proper nutrition and the calibration of fats in the diet, the impact can be minimized.

For example, including healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, and other unsaturated fats is very important in the diet, but the amount can influence the aesthetics of the face. What alternatives can be followed to overcome this?

Don’t overeat? I don’t mean to be flippant, but dietary fat and body fat are not equivalents. As you gain fat, you’ll gain it everywhere. I’m objectively the most attractive man on the planet, so it’s not a concern for me, but if your face is your problem area, I don’t think there’s a solution other than to monitor your rate of gain and your caloric intake to find a balance that makes you happy… same as if you were managing your love handles or thighs or anywhere else.

Usually you have to get a little fatter for your face to look bloated, though, so it’s typically not the first area we have to worry about. You may also get some advice about building your traps/ neck, so you just look jacked instead of puffy, but I’m guessing that may not be the look you’re going for.


Unfortunately, the only thing that will change the look of your face besides how lean you are is AAS.

TRT or more will fill out your face. I guess Botox would too.

Good luck

What has led you to the conclusion that dietary fat intake results in increased facial fat?


I’m very confused what the point of this post is.


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Can I get your onlyfans link? I’ll pay in protein.


Whey or casein? On second thought… nevermind. :laughing:


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My face transformation after my gains

What led you to believe it was dietary fat that caused that vs calorie surplus?


Likely inflammation

Im not sure how serious to take this thread.

Thuper therious.

I’ve read about this topic The Truth About Bulking

How do you know you’ve passed the “treshold” of the “Fat cell hyperplasia” thing?

For example, my diet macros are:
kcal 2600
proteins 20%
carb 40%
fat 40%

Mostly fat/calories intake comes from olive oil and avocado.
I do assume 50mll a day of olive oil.
I’m considering switching to 30ml a day of olive oil, and increase my carbs consumption.
Then new macro would look like:
proteins 20%
carb 50%
fat 30%

I still would need to work this to reduce fat to 20%, but I am really “full” when eating, and dunno how to raise proteins to 30%, since I do not assume any protein powder because it causes me back acne.

Is that bad? How do you assume that is too much?
May @Christian_Thibaudeau could make things clear :slight_smile:

The article is talking about BODYfat cells being filled. Once again: dietary fat is not what is being discussed. I feel you are operating off this premise that, if you eat fat, that fat is added to the body.

Adipose tissue is a product of excessive ENERGY consumption. If you eat 10000 calories of carbs and you only need 5000 calories of energy: you will get fat.

You’ve forced my hand on this one. Here is the sumo diet.

Here is the sumo wrestler face

If you just plain don’t want to eat much fat, that’s totally fine: we all have our preferences. But this idea that dietary fat is causing facial puffiness is tilting at windmills.


How dare you hint at thermodynamics

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Nice Quixote reference… I use it often

Likely inflammation