Dentallica11's MetCon For Muscle Log

Excited Alright Lets Go! Did Days 1 and 2 this week, today was off. Looking forward to PULL day tomorrow

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Awesome! Welcome to the party,

If you have any questions along the way or you need my help, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m here to help you make the most out of this experience.

This program is awesome loving it so far. Couple ques @Christian_Thibaudeau

  1. My lower back has a mind of its own, can you please offer some alternatives to the Pendlay rows? I even tried it with my forehead supported against a platform but my body had other ideas.

  2. I also fall prey to ‘more is better’ training itch - and feel hungry for some direct calf blitzing as my calves have always been a weakness seemingly no matter what I do. Have done my own calf blasting with lots of TUT movements the last few push workouts. Is this a good idea ? if so what calf regimen would you recommend that aligns with these workouts? Or would you recommend to NOT do any direct calf work?

Seal rows

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Mixed feelings about this one.

On one hand I DO NOT want people to start adding stuff in the program, I know there are lots of stimulus addicts in here and the temptation will be hard to resist the moment I greenlight something.

On the other hand, calves work is one of the few things that won’t mess up the program too much (along with abs). But I honestly don’t see it as necessary considering all the loaded carries in this program.

I guess it’s up to you. Although I personally recommend NOT adding direct calves work. If anything, it will make them more responsive once you start hitting them.

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Thank you very much Christian !! and I will stop calves work for this program. Like the idea of hitting them later on and them being more responsive :+1:

That’s something that few people know. That’s something that I had long suspected, but a recent study has shown that a muscle responds less and less to training the more you train it, until it actually becomes non-responsive (there is pretty much no activation of the mTOR pathway which means no protein synthesis elevation post-workout, or very little). BUT that sensitivity is restored after a period without direct training (the same likely happens with a period of dramatically reduced training, although it would take longer).

Jacko, D.; Schaaf, K.; Masur, L.; Windoffer, H.; Aussieker, T.; Schiffer, T.; Zacher, J.; Bloch, W.; Gehlert, S. Repeated and Interrupted Resistance Exercise Induces the Desensitization and Re-Sensitization of mTOR-Related Signaling in Human Skeletal Muscle Fibers. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2022, 23, 5431


Cool bro !! Sounds great. WOW

Also I saw one of the other logs where you clarified the +25% BW on Prowlers (LEGS) and last week I did my full bodyweight +25% as the turf is more worn out at that gym location. This week’s gym location the turf is newer and therefore more friction so I could only do 75% of my bodyweight and I thought I was a wuss – so nice to see I am not that weak

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That’s the thing with sled/prowler work. It’s hard to give a precise load recommendation because of the friction component. So don’t feel obligated to use an exact load. It just needs to be thoroughly unpleasant!

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No questions – just wanted to say my fav day so far is PUSH - love the feeling from the Overhead Dumbbell Carry and Bear Crawls. Nice break on my shoulder joints and great pump

Same with Dip Top Position Hold and Dumbbell Bench Press Loaded Stretch. Intense but easy on joints – Maybe not liking it so much WHILE I’m in it - but afterwards feel like a champ for a day + :muscle:

the other days just kick my ass and that’s that


I’m really craving questions though :slight_smile:

Oh crap – I just read another log and realized I have not done the 2 min blasts at the ends properly. Been setting my timer for 2 mins and doing the least amount of rest I possibly can – but have not accumulated two minutes of work. Been doing pretty good but I don’t know the total work time and I don’t train with a partner to track time.

While I’m in sheer pain / there is no way I am counting accurately to allow for the rest breaks, and then to add these to the end. So to accumulate 2 mins of “work” should I set my timer for 3 mins and go all out as best as I can? Or what do you recommend?

also I have read some logs where the Pull-up Hang is an extra episode in agony - but for me it’s one of the easiest finishers in the program. ( don’t ask me about the Chin Up hold though damn :exploding_head:)

I don’t use straps for the Pull-up Hang (but will use them tomorrow). Other than I haven’t hit 2 mins of proper “work” time yet, could I be doing something wrong?

@Dentallica11 - for the two minute holds I’ve had success running a stop watch on my phone, which I keep right in front of me so that I can see it at all times. Basically, I leave the stopwatch going, hold the position for as long as possible and if breaks are necessary, I will quickly note in a notebook that I keep nearby how long the hold was and I’ll keep an eye on the clock to time a 15 second rest before resuming the work. I just repeat this until the total of the noted work times adds up to 120 seconds. Alternatively, if the phone is right in front of you, the stop watch could be paused and restarted until two minutes is accumulated. In that case, I would probably set up a second stopwatch to time the rest periods to ensure that they don’t become excessive.

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Cool brother thankyou :+1:


@Christian_Thibaudeau – I am doing my last 2 sessions this week for Pull and Physical Labor – what is next ? What do you guys need from me so as to plan next 3 weeks ?