Deadlift form check 3

Can you see from this video if my back is rounding? I don’t know if I should be using a smaller weight or not…

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I am no expert, but judging from the video provided, your form looks good. The barbell moves in a straight line, and your back is fixated properly.

That said, the deadlift is an infamous excercise for heavy ego-lifting - and I think you raise an important question. In your case I would not be too worried about that though.

What is your intent/goal by doing deadlifts?

Agreed, form is great and the weight is clearly appropriate. Personally, outside of competitive folks, I like traditional dead’s at 5/6 reps, nothing that’s so heavy you do less, but still heavy enough to build power and strength. When ya start dropping reps after a few sets, move on to secondary assisting movements. That’s my opinion.


I would keep that weight for the 5 rep area. Add some weight in a couple weeks, and aim for your form to stay good, like it is in the video.

What was the weight on the bar?

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Thanks for the extra eyes and help! I always appreciate your input

Thanks for your reply. I’m doing them as part of 5/3/1 - goal is to get stronger so I don’t hurt myself picking up my kids over the next decade (40 soon)


Being able to carry kids and even at times the wifey!!! One of my main reasons too. Just carried my 12 years old in for X-rays after he broke his foot. So, came in handy being strong enough. About 7 years ago, my wife shattered her foot. Was unable to walk for many months. We happen to have a huge trip to New York already planned. Guess who carried her up the stairs at the subway. More than once! Carried her up the stairs in one of the broadway theaters too. Got an applause on that one. So, family is a great motivator for lifting!

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Have you got a similar approach to increase any of your other lifts?

I try to approach them all the same.