Cycle. Any Advice Could be Appreciated

[quote]connerhf16 wrote:
Thank you in advance for any feedback you can help me with.

Im 6â??3 185ibs 25 years old not real bulky but lean muscle. I play golf so IM not trying to get real bulky but would like to gain more good lean muscle and keep more gains this time by doing the right PCT I also will be working out hard in the Gym. Seems like I was getting bad advice as far as A.Is and Post cycle bc each time I had bad gyno symptoms. So this time I want to get it right

Previos cycles: this is my 3rd cycle: first was (year and a half ago) test E 500mg a week for 10 weeks worked great but did not do my pct or any AI therefore developed bad gyno symptoms.

Second cycle: test sust 500 mg a week with nanadrole d 300mg for 10 weeks

So here is my cycle now
12 weeks
week 1-2: 300mg test cyp
Week 1-2 :test Prop 150mg( I have a little test P left over so I wanted to use it to jump start my cycle)
Week 3-12: 400mg test cyp
Week: 14-17 PCT ( I have nolva and clomid)
Not exactly sure about this PCT but basically :
clomid-50mg+nolva 20mg for 3 weeks…
or should I just stick with 20,20,40,40 of nolva

As far as A.I.s I have letro & aromasin which I was going to take 12.5ml eod bc I tend to get gyno symptoms in the past

If anyone has any advice on the cycle id very much appreciate it.

A few questions I have are: when can I start my A.I … I have clomid, nolva,letro, and aromasin… I just planned on using aromasin but didnâ??t know if it was necessary to use anything else with it if gyno symptoms started to get bad…

-Any recommendations on water retention, as I usually get really bloated
If anyone has any advice on the cycle id very much appreciate it.[/quote]

here’s some info on PCT:

and here’s some info on gyno, estrogen, etc: