Current Back Workout

I’m doing back and chest in the same session, the following listing contains only my back exercises, though:

prep and (r)amp:
-seated rows
-back raises (for getting my lower back ready for heavy bb rows where I bend over some)

-bb row (wide grip, pronated, pulling to my lower belly)
-bb row (medium grip, supinated, pulling to my lower belly)
-pull-ups (alternating from wide grip to medium grip, depending on my current fatigue level in the target muscles)
-lat pull-down (just added recently: I sincerely hope this will add some width to my back, since I’m very strong in back exercises, have a thick back but seriously lack width in my lats)

I’ve ditched close grip pronated rows since they made my delts go ouchie.

I’m initiating rowing movements by pulling my scaps back. I really had to learn that part, since I’d been doing it wrong for about 9 years.

From what I’ve read in the forums, it makes sense moving my b/o lateral raise from shoulder day to back day.

Question (minor HJ, sorry OP): are you supposed to actively retract your scapulae when doing pull-ups?

Fatty, watch in high quali from the 2 min mark onwards:

That should answer your question.

Btw, if you want width so bad, try rack chins rather than pulldowns, or perhaps droop rows.

[quote]Cephalic_Carnage wrote:

[quote]josh86 wrote:
My current back workout and absolutely loving it.

Chest-supported T-bar row
Dead hang weighted V-grip pullups
Supinated BB Rows
Supinated Lat pulldowns
Oldschool Nautilus pullover as finisher

Not posting in BOI anymore?

Are you doing a full back-only day now?[/quote]

hey CC! All of us pretty much stick to the private BOI facebook group we created. I don’t really log any workout online anymore - too beat when I get home lol.

Dirty Gerdy and I train together now…first awesome workout partner I’ve had. Our split is like this currntly

M - back (maybe calves if time left - gerd has school after)
Tu - off bc of gerdys school
W- Chest/calves
Th - Legs (this day is hell for me that bastard has strong legs)
Fr - delts/traps/calves
Sat - bis/tris/forearms (really enjoying having the arm dedicated day again)
Su - off

Fatty my lat width is one of ny best bodyparta (even with high inserting lats) and here are my fav lat moves.

Wide grip Rack chins
dead hang v-grip pullups (I use the one that grips about 8-10" or so apart not the super close one)
underhand lat pulldowns w/ about shoulder width grip

those are my 3 favorites. I also did a lot of wide grip pulldowns in the past so I feel they should be mentioned. But they are no longe a staple and haven’t been for a while now.

Biggest piece of advise is no matter what lat move you do. Always get a full stretch on every rep.

C_C, thanks man (btw, your triceps cable pushdown tips really made a big difference, thanks again).

Josh, you have your back (training) down pat, that’s for sure.
I’ll give your pointers a try, although I gotta be careful with full stretch in overhead pulling movements (shoulder). Can’t wait to get myself a set of really flaring lats. Up, up’n away…

You guys (and I’m adressing all other pragmatic lifters on this site) rock. Sometimes it just takes minimal tweaks to effect big changes.

I have some shoulder issues myself (broke left collar bone, popped right shoulder incline pressing in smith)…and it’s the reason I do pullups with the v-grip. Wide wrecks my delts on that 1 exercise.

Doing the lat pulldowns underhand and shoulder width seems easier on them too. So I’d say give those a try and start light to feel em out.

Hope it all works out, good luck man. And thanks for the compliment. I’d be kickin ass if I could get arms, chest and legs to match back and delts.