Cruising After a Blast

27 years old currently running

Test is 800mg a week
Deca is 400 mg a week
Tbol 50 mg a day at 350mg a week
Tren 50mg a day at 350mg a week

I’m thinking about not doing pct and cruising test cyp until next blast in march.

How much of a risk is it that my test will never come back to normal levels. I do not yet have children and don’t want to completely ruin that for my self

Id say 50-50. It’s totally individual. There are people who can have kids after 15 years of blasting and there are people who get completely broken after 1 cycle.
If you think of comming off tho, you know your gains will be lost then. What is the point of blasting now if after a while you are giving it up? Just rent some muscle?

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No greater than after your cycle, I’d guess. Shutdown is shutdown. Do you know if your test is at normal levels now?

I have no clue actually

As previously said it’s individual choice. If you don’t fancy doing pct then cruise. Personally I like to give my body a bit of rest.