Comparitive Morality

Is it just me, or is it a crime to be a liberal now…you could easily think so from the tenor of the forum these days.

Yes, it is a crime to be a stinkin’ pinko
liberal puke who protests the war and belongs
to Amnesty Internation. Oh, and refuses to
eat red meat or wear fur. Brock

thats all i got to say about that…

Brock I had respect for you until I read your post. Being liberal does not mean you are against the war or have diet restrictions. I wear liberalism as a badge of honor. Go ahead and attack me, but thank god there is a check and balance in our society between liberals and conservatives. There is good and bad on both sides of the political spectrum and our two party system keeps both sides in check.

Uuuh, you do know what sarcasm is, right? Right?

Is there a law against “liberals” having a
sense of humor? -


no, but it is a crime to be wimpified like most of hollywood, to be a politically correct pussy afraid to speak your mind, to be a vegetarian, and to be richard gere (did you here him last saturday,wow!!!)

As it was best stated in Stripes “LIGHTEN UP FRANCIS!”

yeh and I go to the special pinko dry-cleaner to have my suits pre-wrinkled [apologies to P.J. O’Rourke]. No seriously, just for a second. Stating that liberalism is at the root of all social ills is just pathetic. Look at the reponses on this forum to the WTC attack, anyone who didn’t immediately jump up and say “GAWD BLESS UH-MARY-KA now lets turn the bastards’ country into a parking lot” was immediately accused of being a wishy-washy liberal. Obviously a new one to me tha tliberals supported terrorism, didn’t hear anyone saying “go terrorists”.

There was also the posts regarding the gentleman [sic] screwing around on his wife - Brock kindly extended his argument to state that liberals were responsible for the country’s moral decline. Obviously conservatives don’t screw around or take drugs huh??

So, seriously, what’s the deal?

It’s a crime in my house. It’s merely a shame elsewhere. :)~

Iscariot, you have proven now (I was posting
tongue in cheek) that you are the archetypal
liberal…hush puppy wearing, brown suit from
1978 bedecked, never heard of a comb or
a haircut, vegan, PETA supporting, Greenpeace
card carrying member, emasculated shuckster
for the ERA and NOW, AA/EEO toting, feels
ashamed because daddy was a millionaire and
need to do something to “feel good”, false
purveyor of Utopia purporting, NIMROD!!!
Tell Diana Feinstein and Gloria Steinem
to get their hands out of your ass (this
will prevent them from having you flap your
jaw, you pinko-commie-puppet!). McCarthy
was right, damn it! - Brock

You were posting tongue in cheek Brock??..really???..and here I was thinking you were serious…c’mon, don’t toy with me now…I think you’ve watched The Paper Chase and the Graduate too many times too. Nice assumptions tho, wrong, but nice, did you come up with them all by yourself or were they in your NRA/NSA/SPQR/RSVP/TLA handbook. Again, the question remains, that the statements made on the forum clearly associate liberalism with moral/ social degeneracy. Evidence?

being a bit liberal doesnt seem to be a problem for me. I think what you guys are describing is that hardcore trash that has no grip of reality and is stuck in the 60s and 70s… those are extremists and i find it dificult to tolerate them… On the other front you have the modern day Fascists and they tend to piss me off too.

oh, i forgot to include 99.9% of the media in my list

Hey man,
in Canada, the government is formed by the LIBERAL PARTY!!!

Just remember, Iscariot, Charlton Heston is
my president and you liberal GOAL
fruity asses can have my guns the second
you can pry them from my cold, dead hands.
I have every right to own a gun, even
a howitzer if I want. And I can even make
a case for civilian ownership of tactical
nukes. The second amendment guarantees
my right to this. How else would I stand
up to an Orwellian government who seriously
outguns me? I need nukes and I need 'em
now!!! Now you liberal pinko commie
pop tarts who believe in dropping acid and
free love can go live somewhere else, damn it.
This is America and we love freedom here in
America, so long as people know their
places and stuff and what their station in
life is. It was so much easier in the 1950’s
when women were barefoot and pregnant.
The good old says …gone yet not


is it a crime? on this forum yes, cause hate is sooo cool notheing is more fun then comeing together and hateing other people, it lets people that would normaly hate each other to hate someone else together, ahh brotherhood.

I have some liberal ideas, and some very conservative ones. For example I fully support all the admendments of the Constitution, liberals love to skip the Second Amendment. I care for my fellow man but prefer to teach a man to fish and then expect him to fend for himself, liberals love the give the man a fish a day for life idea…it keeps the government fish distribution network flunkies in a job. I don’t visualize world peace, because they’d have to delete and reinstall human nature for that to ever happen.

Liberal now a days means a socialist who favours “leftist” liberties (like certain arts and the freedom to use certain drugs and, well basically the whole hippy/acedemic leftist gamut) and conservative ususally means (people who don’t like liberals)/populists. This is a false distinction of the political spectrum, because each side just argues about how the government is going to live your life for you. Originally (founding fathers style) a liberal (now called a classic liberal or a libertarian)was someone who championed individual freedoms. In most (domestic) cases, the conservatives are closer to that then the liberals, but in foreign policy I have yet to see one who is not an intervertionist-statist. And the popular left is really not anti war.

I agree with colin… Liberalism/Conservatism and left-wing/right wing are two different things. The former is that of a moral/ethical standpoint, while left and right-wingism is much more an economically based standpoint on how to run a country. Id say liberalism is more consistent with a right-wing attitude.