Clomid and Hangover

Wouldn’t it be good to eat some clomid the day after you have been out drinking. I mean, the purpose should be to speed up your testolevels to normal again. One problem when you have a hangover is that your testo is “down”, shouldn’t clomid do the job? A 200-250mg the day after you have been out drinking(not often though). Or would that be too much?

If you don’t have the discipline to stay sober, what makes you think you can adhere to the rigid dieting and training demands of the bodybuilder lifestyle? May I suggest that instead of searching for chemical means of combating your slovenly lifestyle, you get your priorities straight; that, or admit you’re too much of a wuss to be a T-dude and go drink yourself into a stupor with your pot-bellied fat-ass friends.

Dude, he’s not saying he gets hammered all the time!! Geeeeese…lighten up!

Mike, you’re being quite the jackass I must say. That’s a perfectly legitimate question, and it doesn’t make you a pussy of any sort for wanting to go have fun and live a life worth living. While you’re at home analyzing the protein content of your friggin boogers, and others are out having the time of their lives once and a while, who do you think will probably regret it more? The person who lived and experienced all types of experiences or the person who anally stuck to a plan that wouldn’t let him live but perhaps let him have a few more pounds of muscle over a few years? Isn’t bodybuilding supposed to help you towards a better and more enjoyable life? Some times we’re just gonna get drunk because we have lives, and although I don’t know the answer to the question (obviously you don’t either), it is a perfectly legitimate one for the times we make the “mistake” of going out, having fun and drinking. Although I think the concept of T-Man and the principles he stands for are great, I really think some of you on this forum take it to far, this isn’t a cult. Take the stick out of your ass already, it’s a matter of personal preference what we’re going to do, including getting drunk now and then, and it’s pretty damn immature to be bashing somebody because he chooses to drink, he could drink once evey 10 months for all you know. This guy could have twice the discipline you have for all you know too, you don’t know a thing about him, so how just is bashing him? Very un-Tman-ish if you ask me, people are entitled to their own opinions, nobody asked what you thought about peopled drinking, the dude asked about hangover clomid… so if you want to help, answer about the hangover clomid.

If U can’t anser the question, don’t. That just proves your IQ is lower than a fish.

“demands of the bodybuilder lifestyle”, haha Hey “MIKE”! grow up, or at least, get a life!

I think your reasoning is correct but I would
take the clomid on the morning of the day you´re going to drink. Clomid has a long half-life so the stuff will be around during and
after the party.

I do not know your answer, but you must allso remember that decreased T is not the only side effect from alcohol. However, i think it would help quite abit.

And about you mike, i have actually never gotten drunk in my entire life (yeah weird, huh?). But i DO respect other who want to drink. I doubt you’ll lose some very significant amount of muscle if you drink like twice a month or so either. Im all too greedy to lose even a gram, so i still feel abit guilty if i go out get drunk.

Good call SBL.
Bodybuilding should fit comfortably in an hierarchy of rational values. Not making it you’re ABSOLUTE priority is a rationnal choice, cause some of you guys put a lot more into it that you get out of it.
Besides, if getting drunk (for social or fun purposes) means having a better life quality, then he’s absolutely right about doing so. Who knows, maybe he met the women of his life that night?

If you’re that worried about T levels, I mean worried enough to take Clomid, one should make priorities and give up the alcohol. If one can’t give up the alcohol, then BB must not be that big of priority.

i dont think clomid would necessarily be the best thing for the job. people have discussed previously on here using androsol. on the morning after just give your self 35 sprays or so to tide you over till your T recovers naturally. of course the only way alcohol induced T depression will severely effect your life is if you spend a significant amount of time intoxicated.

Why so harsh on the Libetarian. He wasn’t super friendly in his response but I feel that he was in bounds. If you want to go out and have a couple of drinks, great, I think it might be a fine idea every once in a while. What’s the point of getting wasted though? It may be an interesting topic (Clomid/hangover) for some of you to discuss but if you know what the consequences of drinking are, it’s time to decide on your priorities. I do like the Androsol idea though, even if I don’t ever need to worry about trying it for a hangover.

TO those who are saying ‘Don’t drink, you gotta prioritize’, etc. I think everyone needs to ask themselves ‘why do I bodybuild?’ Are you a competitive BBer or serious athlete? Then you probably shouldn’t drink to excess. Or do you BB to feel good about yourself and impress the ladies? Got news for ya, fellas; few ladies are going to think much of a guy who sits at home on Friday night drinking protein shakes. Most people want to go out and have fun with their friends, meet new people, etc., and being healthy and attractive can make that a lot easier and more fun. So can a few beers. Who are you to knock someone just because their goals and ideals are not exactly the same as yours?