Chanko Diet

I started the Chanko Diet this week + Mag-10, so far so good. I will be only check body fat and weight every Monday so I have no progress report yet. Just wondering if anybody else has tried it (Chanko) and what your results were.


Morning 40 Sprays Androsol w/ Multi Vitamin
EFA / EAS (2 serving a day)
Lot of Low Carb Grow, Night ? 1 serving Mag-10
Bedtime ? ZMA

Goal: Currently 208.5 Lbs want to bulk to 225 Lbs.
Will post nutrition stats tonight (gotta love

Nutritional Breakdown
3439 Cals
44g Fat (12%)/ 11g Sat (3%)
545g Carbs (63%)/ 24g Fiber
205g Protein (25%)

Any recommendations, will up my grow to 1.5 which will give me another 30g protein.

I was just curious as to why you’re using Androsol and Mag-10 at the same time? Androsol is topical 4-AD, while Mag-10 is a stack of 4-AD and A1-E. I do not think there would be much benefit from stacking them.

You may want to say your androsol and use it to cut after you're several weeks out of your Mag-10 cycle.

Aside from that, the diet looks a little light. You may want to consume more calories while on Mag-10. Good luck with everything, keep us updated.

Hope this helps.

At 208.5 lbs., your total calories and protein intake seem far too low. Bump the protein up to 2g/lb. and fill in the rest of the calories with healthy carbs.

I just started incorperating chanko into my diet on a regular basis about two weeks ago. So far so good, I still feel strong and have lost about 5 pounds.

John ? I was stacking the Androsol with Mag-10 because I had both and two serving of Mag-10 a day gets expensive. Would you recommend one dose of Mag-10 alone over the stack? I take them 12 hours apart.

Eric ? will do, hopefully I don?t kill my wife with gas, around 300g I get toxic.

Mack ? do you use brown or white rice? I always was told to fear white rice, but I hate brown. Wild is good but expensive, I can not find any were that?s sells it in bulk.

Thanks for all your input, it is good to have support when i am surronded by drunks!

I suppose the stack makes sense in that respect. Also, many people have claimed to have better results with topical 4ad over oral 4ad. So, while Mag-10 will be plenty powerful, if you’re more of a “topical responder” in terms of 4ad, you may see some added benefit. Give it a shot and see how it works for you. If nothing else, you’ll be able to answer questions about this stack next time it comes up on the forum.

When I first came to t-mag (this past summer) that was the first diet that I tried, and am still somewhat using. At that time I weighed about 211 and was probably around 16% bodyfat. I followed the diet so that I was consuming only one cup of chanko twice a day and having 3 mrps a day and a dinner.

Breakfast - MRP and multivitamin
Mid morning - Chanko (approx. 1 cup)
Lunch - MRP
Mid afternoon - Chanko (approx 1 cup)
Early Evening - Dinner meal
Late Evening - MRP

I dropped down to 197 in about a month and am right now at about 9-10% bodyfat. I really liked the diet because it is not all that scientific (keeping a food log and all). Also since it is so controlled, with the only varying part of your diet being the dinner meal. You get a really excellent feel for how your body reacts to different levels of nutrient intake. I’m sure that when I’m ready to grow in size that simply increasing my chanko serving size and amount of protein intake will directly lead to the growth I desire. I like my chanko with worsteshire sauce, or louisiana hot sauce (2 tbsp).
Good luck.

Quick Update

I up my nutrient to
5520 Cal
99 Fat (26 Sat)
798 Carb (46 Fiber)
343 Protein

Add 6 lbs since October 15th and drop BF 2%!! Know 214.5 Lbs!!
Very Happy with the supplement diet plan, hopefully this keeps up

WarSteiner, that’s great progress, glad to see you’re making such great gains. Keep up the good work, and let us know your stats at the end of the Mag-10 cycle.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest (or thinks it might be better) to replace the corn in this diet with another vegi. I’m not exactly sure why corn was picked to begin with (I guess that is part of my question too), but has anyone put a green vegi into their chanko, or if one was going to, what would you suggest? Additionally, with the Dr. Health nut column in this week’s mag, I wonder if anyone is thinking about what to replace the tuna with, if anything.

How large have your individual servings of chanko been?


Currently I have two servings ?
1-1/2 cups rice on Saturday I am switching to Whole Wheat Noodles with Garlic (to break things up a little).
3 ounces tuna or salmon
6 ounces corn (what about broccoli?)
2 teaspoons of Worchester Sauce (one drop insanity sauce)

They have Salmon in packets now that is really good. Already cleaned!!

Congratulations; keep up the good work!