Cardio For Fat Loss

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Equilibrium wrote:
I agree that diet is very important. I guess it just annoys me when people come up with a number like that from nowhere. Like giving 110% percent, which we all know is impossible.


During a VO2 Max test… one of the ratios shows that you are actually processing 110% of what is avaiable. This actually can go up to 120%. I believe it is O2 in the O2:CO2 at the point of maximal oxygen uptake. This is because excess stored oxygen is being released from the skeletal muscle. So in a sense you are actually giving 110%.

Yes, but processing 120% of what’s available (or more) is close to or at 100% of what the body can do, so you can never go over 100% of what you’re capable of.

If it’s possible to release a huge amount of adrenaline, and perform 180% better than any other previous all out effort (woman lifting car for loved one example), then that is at, or close to 100% of what you CAN possibly do. :wink:

Anyway, sorry I can’t help with an answer or comment on the subject, but I’m also currious as to what others think on the subject and now I’ll get emails from any responses to this subject because I replyed…