Carb Intake for 1B Athletes to Optimize Function?

Hey Thib,

having a question about carb timing. I usually train 1-2 times(skill and strength workouts) a day and have a high natural metabolism, so I often eat around 400-600g carbs per day(50% of my daily calorie intake) while also consuming 200-250g proteins and around 100g fat(both 25%).
Is that amount of carb intake bad? Does it increase my serotonin until the next morning(often training early)? Should I rather eat 200g fats?

By the way as the topic suggests Im type 1B

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Similar question. For 1Bs, should some carbs always be consumed post-workout even if it’s an earlier session (morning or lunch)?

Following your recommendations, no carbs pre-workout and carbs at night for the last meal makes a huge difference thank you!

Do you feel good or not ? are you recovery well ? are you in a good mood or not ? if everything is ok why don’t you keep doing what your doing ? if not, changes something !

i dont know what you guys want to hear from CT ! that’s your own fucking body

I feel good taking pre-workout before training and can recover well from that, while also being in a good mood, but if I take that before every workout for months I will dig myself a hole.
Same thing with Mcs, I could eat that shit all day and would probably still recover and feel good in the first weeks, at my age. Is that good? Dont think so.

The question is whether it leads to negative consequences over a long time (high insulin and serotonin bursts). You cant feel that until its too late.

But youre right in regards to the question if it effects the next morning, will test that today.

Let me tell a quick story… years ago I read on some of the articles of this site that you have eat a pre-workout meal of carbs. So I used to eat a sandwich before training and I would be so sleepy that I’d be lying down on the couch wondering how I was ever going to make it through the session. I NEVER realized that eating carbs pre-workout was making me feel more tired. I did this for YEARS. It was only AFTER learning about neurotyping that I made the connection as a 1B.

Yeah I agree that ultimately everyone has to trust their own body but that doesn’t mean I’m a fast learner! Lol

So if CT is willing to give any tips on optimizing carb intake for 1Bs then damn right I want to know!