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“oh yeah, now I remember : Don’t ever turn your back on the bull”

“I knew I should have bought that Buns of Steel Video”

It’s hamsters only, from here on out…

“Raul suddenly knew a gerbil just wouldn’t do the trick anymore.”

“Jose’s new fetish suddenly didn’t feel like a good idea.”

“Eduardo’s new vasectomy still had some minor problems to work out.”

“Mario wasn’t aware he was fighting the perverted bull until it was to late.”

Hey guys - can you tell if I have something stuck on my horn?

They told me this worked better than fibre but I expected just being in the ring would scare the s**t out of me. I did not expect a brute force enema.

What’s worse than getting a wedgie in public?

thats right…a little to the left.

“is it saturday night already? he didnt even buy me a drink!”

“Take that Bill Phillips. That’s what you get for using my brother’s hoofs in your protein drinks.”

Somebody’s feeling HORNy !!! ;)~

“Rear Ended.”

Aiieee chihuaua, I followed the recipe!!!

It said for flaming skewers of beef,

Take de three skewers in the right hand and alternate a medley of vegetables with da cut of fresh beef.

El diablo! where did I go wrong?

After the incident pictured above, Eduardo retired. Some said he just didn’t have the balls for it anymore.

Moooon River.

You ain’t gonna shit right for weeks!

Compared to some of his fellow inmates during his prison stint, the bull’s methods had a tenderness to them.

Is that a bull in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

Unbeknownst to others that this short and fiery encounter would ultimately lead Raul to come out of the closet


Bull to Matador “Hey - this bullfighting stuff aint all that bad!!”