Bulking harder than cutting?

Is it just me or is bulking harder than cutting? Mentally and physically. Doing Massive Eating I have to force food down when I’m not hungry. Digestion probems are much more prevelant. When dieting you don’t have to worry about food so much. Your stomach feels better, etc. Am I the only one who dreads “bulking”? I’m sick of eating!

Tell ya’ what…diet for 4 months straight (I have some visible abs for the first time in my life- YES!) and you’ll look forward to bulking so you can have a potato, or some corn, or pasta, cake, cookies, ice cream, Ramen noodles, rice…(Damn I’m getting hungry). Seriously dude, it’s different for everyone. If you’re naturally big (I am) then gaining is easier, and vice versa.

I know what you mean,I hate eating too-I have to force down food in order to get any calories,sucks…big time…dieting is a breeze for me too…

I can relate. I’m currently doing massive eating and trying to get 4000 calories+ daily. If someone lights a match to close to me I might blow up the state.

I’m on the Bulking-Challenged boat, fellas. But I love to get my grub on! Unfortunately, I only eat clean and only seem to eat enough to maintain…I think more than anything for me, it’s just a mental block. Hell, once I get past that, who knows what potential I could unlock. But it’s just so much more aesthetic to be nice and cut…unfortunately for me, it’s at the expense being a beanpole (in my own eyes).

I think everyone is different. I have a much easier time bulking just because I can eat anything and everything in site as long as I get enough protein in.

Are you ‘on’? Even when I’m off I can eat like a freaking pig (I was one for a while - 315 at probably 25% bodyfat). I’ve since gained some discipline, but as soon as I hit about 9-10% bodyfat I’m going to juice myself up to the gills and wallow in cookie dough, steak, Pizza, triple-quarter pound Wendy’s burgers, etc… Seriously, I don’t see how someone on a bulking phase could have trouble eating. It’s not only fun, but you grow like a freak.

Seriously, some juice will work wonders not only on muscle, but appetite.

Are you kidding me?! I find bulking SOOOOOO much easier. No strict dieting, no avoiding 90% of the foods you love to eat, no feeling hungry after your “meals” - I just love to eat I guess. I think my appetite is somewhat stronger than my metablism. I suppose we’re all different.

Are you taking full advantage of MRP’s? Liquid meals can pump in the calories real fast without making you feel too bloated. Plus, you can premix them and put them down when you wouldn’t otherwise have time to eat solid food.


Ha! That’s a funny fat-faster! Personally, I’ve never had digestive problems and could easily consume 5,000 calories/day with no trouble at all. Oh, fat-faster: I just washed down some chocolate-caramel cheesecake with a big bottle of Fierce Melon Gatorade, and I’m on my way to Starbuck’s for a fantasy bar and extra-grande white-chocolate frappuccino blueberry pancakes with syrup french toast white toast shit any toast please, pretty please with a big pile of sugar on top! (sorry, that was cruel and unusual)

Uh, “a fat faster,” you might benefit from the fat fast support group here on the Forum. It’s okay; they understand.

That was a GREAT post!!! I’m still chuckling!!

Bulking a problem? You sir have an odd perdicament, nothing pleases me more than going to KFC all you can eat buffet 4 or 5 times a day while downing massive qauntities of pro-hormones. Drumstick anyone?

I can TOTALLY relate. I get to the point where I HATE to eat. I’d much rather do a 2000 calorie, 80 grams of carb diet than having that stuffed feeling all day long.