Brock & Others--Updated my info--Please Help!!

I had written earlier that I had access to Deca, Sustanon 250, Andriol [Testosterone Undecanoate],and Clomid. I was hoping that some of you fellows out there could help me devise a good and effective cycle with these 3 substances, and many told me [including Brock]that I should provide more information.
Brock, I’m 6’1 tall at a weight of 200lbs [bf % of 8], and am hoping to gain between 7-10lbs after a 3 week cycle [if this is not feasible please let me know]. One of my main conerns is gyno–Will the Clomid insure that I don’t get gyno–I was thinking about doing 400g of Deca along with 2 Sustanon 250 shots a week. If this dosage is too high, I would greatly appreciate it if you recommend a diffrent dosing schedule.
I should also point out that this is my 1st cycle ever, and I have been lifting consistently for the last 5 and a half years [I am 24 years old]. Is there any use for the Andriol–Brian seems to love it, while you and Bill don’t seem to care much for it.
I am willing to drop the Deca or the Sustanon 250 out of the stack if you think that they will cause gyno[ even with the Clomid].
Thanks for your help,–Holzs