Boston T-Men and T-Vixens

I will be in Boston for 4 days in September for a conference. I am staying at the Sheraton Boston and was wondering if anyone knew if there were any gyms close to there if I decide to stop pigging out in all the great restaurants long enough to work out.

I moved out of Boston in 2002, there are not alot of good gyms in the downtown area (Copley) where you are. There is a Golds on Landsdowne St. outside Fenway Park and a place called City Gym in Kenmore Square that is quite small but ok for a cardio or boxing workout. If you have a rental car go 93 north about 5 miles outside town and there is a great World Gym by the Assembly Sq. Mall.

The Hilton at Logan Airport has a great gym. Its one of those deals where you can pay to go, if you are not staying at the hotel. There are also a number of Gold’s Gyms and you can usually pay a “daily” fee (typically $10) or work out a weekly fee. Most of these are in the suburbs (Chelmsford, Lowell etc.)