Book About Meal Planning

I used to have an ebook about meal planning and nutrition that was just great in my opinion.

It wouldn’t go so much into the science, but directly straight to business with very simple yet good recipes, also gave good little tips on how to prepare foods, how to cut it, how to keep food fresh and how to make good planning for a whole week.
It was written by a bodybuilder or a fitness guy.

I can’t find it no matter how hard I look for it. Does anybody know which book am I talking about? If not, any other book that you might recommend?

Johnny Bowden?

^that or John Berardi

It WAS Berardi’s book! I love his book because this way I don’t have to think everyday about every single meal, drives me crazy.

Thanks a lot you two, you’ve been great help. I will also check Bowden, see if he has anything interesting.