Bill Roberts

Bill–This is re-post. When I saw you had returned to the Forum, I thought I would run it past you.
I was reading a rather dated article by a Champion Nutrition pusher, and it reminded me of when they released a supplement called ‘Muscle Nitro’ around '87. I had just opened World Gym San Jose, and was enjoying having unlimited access to whatever supps I wanted to carry.

When I first tried Nitro, I really thought I felt an extra kick in my workouts. It seemed to enable me to get a few more reps at the end of all my sets, where usually I would fail. Considering that at that time I averaged 1300mg of sauce/wk, do you feel it was just a placebo effect, or was there ever any credible research to support the use of mineral succinates as a training aid?
I also remember that after Champion changed the product from a very strong smelling tablet to a capsule, the kick seemed to vanish.

I don’t know.

So far as a personal observation that I
wouldn’t put too much weight on, back maybe
7 or 8 years ago (under natural training
conditions) I used some protein product
that had succinates and aspartates in it, and I was very
much of the impression that it worked better
for me than could be accounted for by
the protein alone. But I did not do enough
comparisons or good enough comparisons to be
sure of it, and haven’t really looked at
it since.

I’d look at this idea of succinates (and/or aspartates) being
useful as being an idea certainly worth
considering and trying out.

Anyone who wants to try this, I’m pretty
sure these are available, being sold
as, for example, calcium, magnesium,
or maybe potassium succinate or aspartate.

Just make sure you don’t overdose the minerals
in the process, especially potassium.

It was a protein product by MLO. Probably
9 years ago actually.