Best Intraworkout Nutrition for 2a/2b?

hi ct,EAA and cyclic dextrin are pretty expensive in my coutry,
but i can get bcaas and dextrose and also individual amnino powder in good prices…i can make a mix of intra workout of
OR a standard 10 gr bcaa/dextrose formula?
iam 2a/2b mix,doing body part split routine.

BCAAs, Amino acids and even EAAs are inferior because they do not have the full spectrum of amino acids. That’s why PLAZMA shines: it is absorbed as fast as individual amino acids but have the full spectrum of amino acids (you need all of them to build muscle).

thank you for your response!
but i live in greece,so if i cant get PLAZMA,which is second best?

Interesting. Would you suggest whey protein intra workout, since EAAs aren’t effective?

Hey buddy

Plenty say EAA are effective (meadows for one uses a Intra workout with them in) I personally add around 12-15g of whey hydro to 6-10g of EAA. Also 5-10g of Palatinoise, 20-30g C Dextrin and electrolytes (carbs dependent on body part and or volume)

I’ve used Plazma (live in BKK and shipping costs a joke) and honestly I’ve seen no noticeable difference in regards to pump, recovery and all else.

I’m sure at the top level Plazma would be desirable, but I’m just a 42 year old who wants to perform well and look good :0)

Well stated. I have similar goals of just being strong and in shape. Thanks for the feedback.

thanks guys!

Intra probably wouldn’t work well because it is likely too long to absorb. Taking it 30 min pre-workout would be a better option.

I love John and deeply respect him. But he does sell an EAA product. Of course you can reply that Biotest sells PLAZMA. But personally I find EAAs inferior because they don’t have the full spectrum of amino acids. They might trigger some protein synthesis, but without the full spectrum available you will not benefit maximally from that increase in protein synthesis. The pump might be similar, not because of the protein vs. EAAs. Proteins/EAAs are not responsible for “the pump”: carbs and electrolytes.

But the goal is not the pump but rather to trigger protein synthesis and then to take advantage of that by building more through using the full spectrum of amino acids to build muscle tissue.

More and more studies find BCAAs and EAAs to be less effective than simple whey protein.

In my opinion, in order of effectiveness:

  1. Casein hydrolysate di and tri-peptides (like in PLAZMA)
  2. Casein hydrolysate (like peptopro)
  3. Whey hydrolysate
  4. Whey isolate
  5. Whey concentrate
  6. EAAs
  7. BCAAs

BTW, Biotest can ship PLAZMA to Greece.

If you do not want to buy it and prefer cheap options, that’s fine and your choice. But don’t say that it’s impossible for you to get it.

Hey CT

Thanks for chiming in and for the detailed response
My point was a purely anecdotal one, and like I stated previously I’ve no doubt that PLAZMA is superior to my home made concoction.

Respectfully, you like JM have your own angles in regards to supps - both being far more knowledgeable than this humble 42 year old gym rat, so any feedback, info or advice from either of you is appreciated.

Thai customers seized a batch of Biotest products a few years back here in BKK - I got charged over 60% of the value + import costs to finally get my hands on the order - why I don’t order from them anymore (once bitten).


Thanks,i will look how much it will cost me!

Actually I don’t. I have zero financial return from Biotest products. I do get a care package with the supplements I like, but have no obligation to talk about them. However if they work, I will talk about them.

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In that case, apologies coach